Because of the types of files high overlap the machine we bought would be called on to run for many hours at a time and be constantly in motion in all three axis with rapid changes in direction. A stepper machine would be slow and could easily lose it’s place if pushed hard. This meant we would have to use an inverter which would effectively take away up to a third of our horsepower. Multicam tool compensation. I did my first cutcomp back in 68 on a tape control.

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A high cut speed multucam 1, IPM and rapid traverse of 2, means no time is wasted when the 300 cuts and moves. Multicam tool compensation Usually there is a pre-positioning move at a distance larger the n the expected compensation, about. One of the truly unique applications offered by EnRoute software is its Rapid Picture technology.

What kind of support did they get? I’m still more than pleased with both machine and software. Size of table was another big question.


This site uses cookies. It’s one I often hear from people looking to purchase a new router. Along with the CNC router I discovered the wonderful material called Precision Board and the glues, primers and other companion products they offer.

In order to give you the best possible impressions on our site, we use cookies. By clicking on “Accept” you agree to the use of cookies. Some required a lot of maintenance and tweaking to keep them operational.

Hello, We have been working with a Multicam Series Router for a month now.

What were the limitations and learning curve of the software? You are commenting using your WordPress.

First I went to the archived sign trade magazines on my shelf. The answers I discovered were as follows Subscribe to MultiCam Canada by Email.

As part of the routing package we also opted for EnRoute Pro software.

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MultiCam had built many hundreds of similar machines. Multiple sub-tool offerings exist within the 3D Relief tool and can be used to create both precise and creative surfaces. I would bet they had made improvements along the way, meaning this proven machine was well thought out.


MultiCam Series Router: The automatic tool change ATC option gives the user maximum machining flexibility, and the all-steel, moving-gantry design allows machining of large parts while maintaining a small, space-saving footprint. Once you wipe off the excess paint you will be left with an almost photo realistic image carved into your material. Our MultiCam dealer also provided us with extra training at no extra charge. When I returned home I started my research.

Tags for this Thread compensationcompensation tablesoftwaretool. We selected the MultiCam with all servo drives.

Need Help! Multicam tool compensation

Always mulicam to assist you Call It has an 11 HP motor and a six station linear tool changer less moving parts than a rotary one.

High contrast images usually work best. Not all routers were created equal. February 16, EnRoute Software: What can we do to make it work.