A short summarized history of what happened since my first attempt of creating a bootable floppy disk: XP re-installation CDs that come with brand name computers usually have SP2 or SP3 printed on them if they have those updates and they may have SP1 printed on them if they include those. The max point reward for answering a question is If the XP CD does not have the drivers for the network adapter, you will not see that near the end of Setup. It also shows the max temp the drive has been exposed to if the drive’s board has a built in temp sensor drives made in about or later have that but that may not be accurate either, except for Seagate drives, only. On the very first screen there should be an option to select the floppy drive, along with the CD and hard drives. Keeping this in mind, I can also see that an ‘old’ MS could still serve me well if I handled it nicely – it would be interesting to see how many years the oldies will serve us still, and I find it interesting that you still use a computer that you built in

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In reply to Looking back as from my first question, I can see how much I have learned through you guys already and just how little I knew when I aidio off – it’s kinda funny now looking at some of my questions then: I checked for a cpu, heatsink and ram – it’s all there.

MSI Ms Ver 5 Socket Motherboard Backplate Included | eBay

By the way, the 40gb drive probably requires that you connect it to a 80 wire data cable in order for it to be able to run as fast as it can. There are several things that must be right in order for a floppy disk to be detected properly in Windows. Thank you for this information! So, being aware of the fact that 7. I appreciate it very much. Where I am in Canada, the smallest commonly locally available IDE size is 80gb, the next one up, gb.


Download Msi 845GEM (ms 6714 ver5) Motherboard Drivers | Manual

And all this at the click of a mouse. Thank you for your time and the valuable information you shared. In trying to understand the booting process and the boot loader, I was wondering, if one got the following BIOS messages: Thanks for the info on hard disk drives and bits and bytes. I don’t know if anyone else is using the Product Key.

Are these above settings set to detect my floppy drive? I had to go read and learn about hard drives first because really this was the first time I’v seen what a hard drive looks like: Ten or more instances of information on data positioning and location could not be found. Usually there is a 5 second delay while booting during which you can press the key.

If none of that works then the last ditch effort would be to remove the board from the case and bench test it with minimal hardware. I have freestanding Series 8 dishwasher.

Msi 845GEM (ms 6714 ver5) Motherboard Drivers And Manual

What is the difference between “video input” and “video output”? If you’re going to use a copy of someone else’s CD, then it’s a good idea for you to make a “slipstreamed” CD that has the SP4 updates integrated into it foror that has the SP3 updates integrated into it for XP.

Then I heard repetitive 5 second long beeps. Now I am lank confused.

Then I took it out, turned the power on and there was no beep s. OtheHill Once again thanks for all your help.

You could try using the 6. In Windows ME and below you used Fdisk for the software partitioning, then Format, in two separate steps. Several times I tried to make a bootable floppy with Western Digital, but no luck, there was just no way I could run the Dlgdiag. I have another 15gb drive on the same computer, but the data on the two drives is nearly the same – each drive is a back up for the other one.


You don’t want to do that.

What usually happens is the cable is ripped at either edge and the wires there are either damaged or severed, often right at a connector or under it’s cable clamp there, where it’s hard to see – if a wire is severed but it’s ends are touching, the connection is intermittent, rather than being reliable.

I have seen that condition many times. Even if you do have a floppy drive, it is still much much faster to run your diagnostic tools from the CDROM drive, rather than wait for the tool to load from the floppy drive. It’s already to go as is – just double click on it and it will find the Product Key, and the Product Key s of other Microsoft programs if any are installed that use a key. I am so grateful that there is an expert in this rushed world who takes time to help a beginner like me, and to read all the time consuming details in my posts, and then respond with detailed, helpful answers and information that make things so much easier for me to understand and do.

Right now when you boot to the BIOS is the hard drive being configured as 6.