Page of Go. Could be used for parts. Not Answered 29 days ago. Functions In The Jog Mode Functions in the Jog Mode Press the jog key in the local mode, and then you can enter the jog mode, where you can perform the following settings. Not Answered 1 month ago.

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Install the blade according to the following procedure. Forums Tags More Cancel. This explains the out- line of functions.

CGSR | Product | MIMAKI

Safety Labels A safety label is stuck on the plotter body. Page Miscellaneous Settings Dummy Cutting The plotter executes dummy cutting in front of the pinch roller that is located on the side closer to the current location of the carriage.

Set a A4-size discard sheet in a longitudinal direction P. Press the key to confirm the value. Move the pinch roller guessing the pinch roller guide marks as the measure. Got it, continue to print. Adjusting The Cutter Blade Cutter blade Adjusting the cutter blade After the completion of adjustment, be sure to set cutting conditions and perform test cutting to check the cutting quality. Cutting Area Cutting cg660sr Set the area in which the plotter performs cutting plotting. The cutting area setting will be cleared by performing sheet detection again.

In order to make full use of this function, read the mima,i instructions carefully and prepare data with registration marks properly. The software is supplied by Allen Data Graph with there cutter, I used to use SignLab until they out priced there software and they had a driver that didn’t show as a printer.


Cut Out Data with Registration Mark Precautions in inputting data with registration marks There are some immaki on preparing data with registration marks. Specifications Of The Main Unit The image quality is not guaranteed because the pen tip position differs depending on the pen in use. Additionally, the diameter difference between the grit rollers may cause a significant difference in the sheet feeding distance between the right side and the left side. Page 55 Set the distance compensation Setting procedure Press the key in the local mode.

These are what we want you to know in advance. Setting Description The plotter will not perform any scale compensation. Cutter blade is not installed at factory for safety reasons. Professional Specifications are available at a reasonable price.

Maximum cuttings The origin at executing the multiple sheet cutting.

Lock nut Remove the cutter holder, and loosen the lock nut. Vinyl up tp 0. Make The Media Without Uncut Area Make the media without uncut area By over wrapping the start point and the end point arbitrarily, you can make the media without uncut area. If both of the registration mark detection and the registration mark search is valid, the function will search the registration mark automatically after the sheet is detected.


Nested images in both X and Y axis can be cut aligning each image automatically. Digitization Cg60srr Functions in the Jog Mode Digitization operation The coordinates of the plotted figure relative to the origin are displayed on the host computer.

Mimaki CG-60SR cutting plotter

Page 75 Cut Out Data with Registration Mark Semi-automatic detection of registration marks When TP1 cannot be located at the position where it can be detected full-automatically or when no registration mark can be detected full-automatically, perform registration mark detection semiautomatically.

Other Useful Functions Other Useful Functions Feed the paper Before starting cutting plottingfeed the sheet manually by the length to be used. Specifically, setting of priority is applied to the following commands. The content herein is in the form of a personal web log “Blog” or forum posting. Be sure to understand the correct meaning of the safety label to avoid danger.

Select this to sketch the cutting line. The label informs the user of possible risks associated with the machine. Status Message Troubles for which error messages are given on the LCD Status message The messages given below appear in the remote mode.