Neomagic and linux I installed SlackWare 9. DisableVidModeExtension Uncomment this to enable the use of a non-local xvidtune client. If you use Netscape a whole lot, and the level of functionality described bothers you, you can do a lot better by using the XF86 Mono server instead of VGA Your Red Hat account gives you access to your member profile, preferences, and other services depending on your customer status. But when I restart my newly configured system, my laptop freezes when it comes to a line that says: Linux installed fine without any lilo switches. Research Triangle Park — September 21, —.

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For some reason I just could not get Netscape to do color pictures.

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The approach detailed here which I did not invent, see credits below is known to work with many other laptops using the Neomagic chip such as the Fujitsu Neomzgic Dwhich uses the Neomagicand probably any other computer with an unsupported chip. Xv Neomagic Xfree86 4.

NeoMagic, a company that makes display hardware for a variety of laptops, will linkx freely give out the information necessary to write a suitable X Windows server that will run on Neomagic chips. Since Linux is based on free or GNU-licensed software and XFree86 the X server used on most Linux systems includes the source code, NeoMagic would not be willing to give this information to the developers.


I gave it a shot, figuring “what the hell.

neomagic(4) – Linux man page

Register Not registered yet? Remembering my previous success with installing Linux sans an X server, I decided to do it anyway. Look at the Modelines in the XF86Config file: DisableModInDev Uncomment this to enable the use of a non-local client to change the keyboard or mouse settings currently only xset.

Thanks to kryee wheat. Either way, console mode will be screwed up since the display goes in graphics mode right from bootup, not just when we go into X. For your security, if you’re on a public computer and have finished using your Red Hat services, please be sure nfomagic log out.

If this one does not work for you, try a different one: Help answer threads with 0 replies. Stick your head in a barrel of shaving cream!

Linux / XFree86 on a Dell Latitude with a NeoMagic NM

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You can download a demo from their Web site and test it out. Neomagic and Slack 9.


Neomagic MagicGraphXD – ThinkWiki

Here’s my XF86Config file: The assembly code in the patch “paints” characters on the screen and so restores some functionality, but it does not implement anything beyond a dumb tty i.

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Don’t hold my personal views against any past, present or future employers. If you need support for the Neomagic chip: AllowNonLocalXvidtune Uncomment this to disable dynamically modifying the input device mouse and keyboard settings.

CONFIG_FB_NEOMAGIC: NeoMagic display support

Meanwhile, I recently needed a packet sniffer that I could take with me. Refer to the XF86Config man page for a description of the options. Mapping port 1 from 0xa0 – 0x27ec00 It did the same thing when I installed the new kernel, 2. But unless full color is essential to your uses, this setup is quite serviceable for straight browsing, and I use it quite happily. Although most X applications will run more or less happily in color mode, Netscape will core dump if you start it the normal way.

With later kernels you can put the display in graphics mode and therefore get x mode, but you will have no console capability at all, and you’ll almost certainly want to set up xdm so you go right into X mode.