The preferred method is for this info to be carried in the DSN. Thanks for help in advance Ian Aitchison Yes, as long as the Intersolv driver is not a ‘restricted’ driver. That way i could get some working DDF’s. You can identify them easily by their little globe icons. Web resources about – Intersolv Btrieve 3. Any more suggestions, anybody?

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Hi, I have some tables.

Ian Whybrow Logistics Technologies Why wait for a credit decision? However, a shortage of skilled technological workers could Thus, the record length, the index segments’ sizes and datatypes, the DDF files’ own structures have been rigorously defined by Pervasive and Magic is violating these rules.

Intersolv Btrieve odbc driver and PB C5 Pro – se

Thank you very much in advance. Maybe the DDF builder can be downloaded somewhere on the internet, it was a free extra with some of the other smithware products. I have tried again and have gotten Access to link to the ODBC database created and see that it has 2 tables in it with the names Shipment and Orders my files are Shipment. We are upgrading our apps intersol PB Other questions can be sent to peter.


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The Btrieve (Pervasive.SQL) Driver

Hope some of this helps. The Group moderators are responsible for maintaining their community and can address these issues. That way i could get some working DDF’s.

In the Preview Window, we insert 3 Rows. Take the first error, for exaample: I answered this in another section. Dave Wrightleft Stanford in to help start GameSpy Industries, a leader inonline video game media, technology, and software.

Many application, including Powerdesigner, ship a limited driver that works only with that application. Thanks for help in advance Ian Aitchison Yes, as long as the Intersolv driver is not a ‘restricted’ driver. See if anyone understand the flowing stuff. Well it isn’t btieve course because it lacks the.

Further to this problem.

Installing and Configuring Merant ODBC Drivers

Apply for the Capital One 9. More updates after experimenting. The files you reference here are to short to have spaces in them, but I thought I would mention that for future reference. Tom Original Message From: Tuesday, February 29, 8: Ian, I understand that, but if you follow that through, what did Magic put in the DDF concerning the file location. Web resources about – Intersolv Btrieve 3. Where do I go from intersoov All the errors you mention are in the system tables FILE.


Remove all drive letter and path info from the Table Location spec. If I do this on oodbc table then another, the DDF files grow. Technical Support Technical Support phone, fax, and webite information by manufacturer. Error exporting PB 7. It’ll save you much more than that in time and aggravation.