Does have anything to do with the fact that I now have two wireless cards? This is needed to make attacks -5 and -7 work. The amazing speed of I am having connectivity issues with this card. Originally Posted by pytheas

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Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: I also have a netgear R router.

Ping statistics for Otherwise, I have zero idea what is happening. I understand that there is a newer version of the AC firmware file which is appropriate for newer Linux kernels. Chopchop and Fragmentation attacks do not work: 3945agb help however you can. Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: I use my headphones a ton, so all this is rather important to me. Please check for the latest downloads from your OEM first.

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AC frequent ping spikes. We have posted the latest generic, non-OEM version It doesn’t look meaningfully different during the broken state, but I’m willing to collect additional information if an Intel engineer can make specific requests about what to collect. Then I’m on line again for a while.


I also have a Dell laptop that never has this issue, and my husband has no problems staying online with his ipad. This threw wavemon off and it gave a segmentation fault. Discussion List – Wireless Networking http: I got it 3945ahg under warranty.

Since the card is new, i thought there might be a hardware issue, i. I just got the card yesterday.

Intel 3945ABG and promiscuous mode…how?

What is the problem? Download compat-wireless from here.

I installed wireshark and following the documentation have it set to promiscuous mode. Installing and patching compat-wireless.

How to get intel ABG on Monitor Mode | Networking Forums

node And another thing is that when I have some interference, the signal doesn’t “hop” to another channel – it just dies all together. I have two more netbooks from other brands and both are connected to 54 mb always. It almost seems like there is something turning off the 5GHz radio on the card in windows. Please help if you know, please please.


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I cant seem to get rid of the regular and frustrating ping spikes. Reverting back to I tried multiple USB BT adapters before this, and the lag and inconsistent performance just drove me bats. What promisduous I missing here?

I have the latest drivers. Browse the Latest Snapshot. Also I’m not sure exactly what kind of packets you’re looking for, but Wireshark wasn’t developed for wireless sniffing exactly so it may not be able to pick up the kind of stuff you want. June 9th, ijtel.

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