COM ports can support a maximum of 16 connections each, while TCP ports can support up to 32 devices. You end up losing all the even channels in this process. Set the start time and end time. Products and corporate names appearing in this manual may or may not be registered trademarks or copyrights of their respective companies, and are used only for identification or explanation and to the owners benefit, without intent to infringe. Motion Detect Alarm Link Select a description for the alarm out port number. This area will turn black immediately after you do this.

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Set the Backup Path.

Payment of video occupation of 8 ILDVR-3000H4C/8 channels

Any one of the sensors in a group can trigger all ports link to this group. Auto display map when alarm will automatically display the map when an alarm goes off, but you must check this to enable this function.

One block of pane equals to half an hour. 3000h44c8 displays the total number of camera channels. Set the correct protocol baud rate. Press button again to end Object Search. Set the overlay text position for ildvt screen display.


Before you press the button to enter Incremental Search mode, please make sure that the current split view mode is your expected split 300h4c8. If a low sensitivity was set, the DVR system will not search even if there is some small range motion in specified area.

The camera number button has three status colors: Enable or disable SMS alarm support.

From left to right: Click the Font button to change font, size, and color. Table of Contents Table of Contents If this is not checked, it is still possible to view the overlay text in Search and Remote Monitor.

Select alarm control device connecting COM port. ildvd

Align the playing time Press the button to synchronize all of the ilvr to play at the same time marker. You can select an existing Line in the table by clicking the Update button to modify it.

Now the second monitor is enabled. After that, a login dialog will ildgr up asking you to input your login ID and password in order to access the DVR server. Use the pictures below as a reference.

Enter the ID card number, user name, and work department into their respective fields. Choose data type as Hexa or Ascii. See the example below for better clarification.


This restores your system setting from a backup file. Prior to installing the system, operators should go through this manual thoroughly. If an alarm goes off, you can link a PTZ camera to move to a different position with a preset.

Select this if you would like Hybrid Server to exit and shut down the computer. Dark color indicates an active camera.

Payment of video occupation of 8 ILDVRH4C/8 channels buy in Donetsk

Select the device connecting to this COM port. In default System setup page, you can modify the device name, IP address, TCP port number and read the device serial number and system version information. You can make a total 12 zones for each camera. Choose a power supply specifically designed for servers that can operate heavy workloads for long hours. Select the video end time. Select device work mode. If your DVR system supports dual monitor feature, the setup interface will display on the first monitor, 3000hh4c8 the preview video will show on the second monitor.