If you have your monitor outputs from Pro Tools connected to an aux return on your board, set the return knob to unity and solo this return. The ability to play your Axe-Fx or any other gear through your studio monitors without having Pro Tools running or even having your computer on. Adjust your preamp trims on your Digi so that they are equivalent to your non-preamp equipped channels. This is a whole new realm of tweakdom for my technically challenged ass! But the addition of a small, good quality mixer helps.

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Whether you are looking for a comprehensive effects and simulation unit for live gigs that you can plug digidesing into the PA, or looking for a centre point for your guitar recording rig, the Eleven Rack could be just the thing you’re looking for. That way, you’re not using iTunes anymore.

I am wanting to just dgidesign the whole kit rigged this way and not have to rewire to do different tasks. Using the subgroups allows you to have a routable connection directly into Pro Tools.

Please refine your selection. Connect your Pro Tools monitor outs not main outs to a stereo aux return on your board if you have spare channels, you could route this way instead.

The ability to optimize your recording levels going into Pro Tools and view this using metering LED meters in the case of my boards. The ability to monitor your Axe-Fx or any other gear while recording in Pro Tools with zero latency mute the record enable channel in Pro Tools and monitor the source signal directly fd the board–BTW, latency in Pro Tools will depend on various factors, especially the buffer size that you have set. Connect your Axe-Fx and other equipment to your board’s inputs.


Fractal Audio Axe FX Ultra and Digidesign 11

Subscribe to Andertons newsletter Subscribe to Andertons newsletter. Or, just plug straight into PT and use the recording software. The ability to run audio from iTunes or other apps on your computer if Pro Tools is not running through your studio monitors and simultaneously play through your Axe-Fx or any other gear.

This is good if you have digideisgn than 8 sources, and will not use certain sources at the same time. Working on digiidesign too.

August 11, at 9: Aug 5, Messages: Our January Sale is now live! Andertons Price Match Here at Andertons we’re constantly monitoring our prices to make sure that we’re digidesig and we thank you for giving us an opportunity to match a lower price! A Connect the direct outputs for channels of your mixing board to the inputs of your Digi B Connect the subgroup outs of your mixing board to the inputs of your Digi Using the direct outputs allows you to have a hard connection of those channels directly into Pro Tools.

Eleven Rack also offers incredibly powerful control options using affordable MIDI controllers and expression pedals, providing full foot control over everything from vintage wah effects to tempo-driven delays and more. Sign up for our newsletter Please enter a valid email address.


Accurate stock availability information. Go with the Axe Fx.

Digidesign 003 Rack / Axe Users

Get it for per month. Remember to set levels in PFL solo mode with the trim control and not in some other way or with the faders.

Here at Andertons Music Co. This is a whole new realm of tweakdom for my technically challenged ass! Cheaper interface, not as many bells and whistles Dedicated product experts to assist and inform your purchases. Apr 11, Messages: Plus, stay up to date with the latest news, lessons, cool offers, and more. We can arrange to collect the items at digidssign greatly reduced pricesaving you time and hassle!

Avid Eleven Rack Effects Processor and Audio Interface

EastCoast Guitars – Great Value! You can hear anything through your studio monitors as long as it is assigned to L-R or the main mix and you adjust your studio monitor volume via the main faders s. Optimize levels by running a 1 kHz sinusoidal test tone, pink noise, or something into your board and soloing the channel so it levels at unity 0dB.

Whether tracking in the studio or playing on stage, Eleven Rack delivers fresh, mind-blowing, hyper-realistic guitar amp and effects tones that will inspire incredible performances. Seen a better price?