No extra keys to maps, it’s just an awesome keyboard Same here, awesome keyboard. This was a replacement for a Awesome creative desktop pro that I spilled scotch all over. Have you had any problems with the mouse freezing up? No extra keys to maps, it’s just an awesome keyboard. Very good product, in fact all Logitech products have high quality, the problem is that I couldn’t find any Linux drivers on their web site.

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If you want to enable the ka-910b keys, you hit the F Lock key. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic I have one of those wireless thingies and I use all of the buttons on it – all works fine.

Not that I like the windows button itself but its pretty useful at times. I don’t really like “special” keyboards, although I’m thinking of getting a dvorak one. The buttons still work, but the pointer is stuck.

Defender E KS-910B klaviatuur

MS fixed their idiotic Function-Lock key on this one. And I use Dvorak, not that it has anything to do with the thread, but i’m glad it’s supported in ubuntu gnome – I couldn’t use it in Xfce ddfender changing the whole system from xorg.


I also painted the front of the dummy keys to hide dsfender “cut, copy, paste, open” junk. One of the better ergo keys as well. I was so annoyed with myself. Don’t use the function buttons My mouse just started freezing within minutes of starting X.

So, until a patch is available, I live with what I have. Have you had any problems with the mouse freezing up? Never used them in XP, I’m use a simply black keyboard Defender, KSB without a special keys. I find I use the extra buttons quit a bit.

I also have an original Epson computer s keyboard much the same as above, all three used daily. It’s been through about six desktop boxes. I remapped the FLock defehder to toggle the Dvorak layout.

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It’s “enhanced” – the paint washed off some of the buttons, and I had to k-s910b them with a permenant marker: I have a Logitech iTouch Keyboard. It has 12 extra buttons mainly for quick launches and multimedia, I seen to never really use them.


The weighted keys are a nice feature, but not really that noticable.

An ancient Microsoft ergonomic keyboard with no extra buttons on my main rig and a wireless keyboard and mouse attached to my server normally use vnc to access it rather than the keyboard. Oh, the calculator works, as does the “sleep” button–gives me the logout menu, I use both keys. It is exceptionally comfortable though. As ks-91b0 result, I’ve never even tried the special keys on my notebook.

Works and mainly there for DVD playback. I have a basic black rectangular thingy with no extra functions. Only cure is to restart.

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I never use the extra keys. Just about everthing was set up and defenxer without further tweeking. I like the fact that the keys are easy to push and it keeps quiet as I type.