For those with their own private vehicles, the cost is quite expensive between gas, repairs, and insurance each month. This medical equipment can be expensive and difficult to repair, for example wheelchair lifts. Each of the Curtin Livery drivers are specially licensed and endorsed, as well as trained in the highest standards of customer service and care. Kem Bruno provides more than just transportation for students. I learned how to do a lot of things with detailing and repairing vehicles as well as dealing with customers whether they were happy with their condition or not. Overall, the company also enjoys excellent customer satisfaction statistics. The place where I picked up my vehicle for the day was close to home.

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Having been in the private transportation industry for more than twenty-five years, the Curtin Transportation Group have established themselves as leaders in the Connecticut area for full service transportation needs. Within cities, traffic congestion and late transportation leaves riders with limited options for their daily commutes.

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If you or a loved one is in need of medical transport, call Curtin Livery for more information today. They even provide in field repair services for individuals having problems with their own wheelchair lifts and private vehicles. Some people may not have liked working there, but I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest it to anyone.

Above all, Curtin Livery provides reliable, courteous, and safe transportation vurtin individuals in the Connecticut and Rhode Island areas.

We had constant management change up. At the same time, public transportation rarely, if ever, accommodates those with medical needs.


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After all, they are helping out a local business. However, in addition to daily school transportation, they also provide daily school transportation, and transportation to field trips and extracurricular activities for students with medical disabilities.

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This includes daily school bus transportation, field trips and extracurricular transportation, charter trips for longer distances, and of course, special needs student transportation.

Additionally, they make sure that local residents are hired within their organizations. Showing all 5 reviews. However, friends and family are not always readily available and adults in particular hate the feeling of losing some aspect of their independence.

In addition, they offer lifts to and from major airports, as well as provide buses, vans, and town cars for any occasion. For decades, the company has been known for their statewide contracts with many schools districts in the Rhode Island and Connecticut areas for liverry bus and van services.

Busy parents use Curtin Livery because of their reputation in the transportation industry. Relaxed but well run autoshop.

They also provide medical transportation for adults with a variety of health needs. Our community is ready to answer. Not to mention the fact that rely on friends and family for support strips them of their independence and places strain on their close relationships.

It takes a special kind of transportation company to balance these student services against the rest of their business as well. Because of this, transportation companies typically spend years building a reputation and relationship with school districts, establishing themselves as trusted members of the community.

Owner Kem Bruno and Curtin Livery Student Transportation are most well known for their statewide contracts with various school districts in the Connecticut area for their bus and van services.


Curtin Transportation Group 77 Store Ave, Waterbury, CT –

For more information, visit the Curtin Livery website today. Because public transportation is rarely equipped to help individuals with disabilities, many turn to friends and family for support in getting where they need to go.

Curtin Livery Transportation has always felt that no child should miss out on educational opportunities simply because they have medical needs that are different than other students. For the last two decades, Curtin Livery has been slowly building their reputation as the safest, most reliable, and most courteous private transportation company in the area.

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For this reason, Kem Bruno account on Crowdrise states how they try to give back to the community. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Every day countless parents and guardians trust that bus drivers and transportation companies are doing everything within their power to make sure that their children are safe while on the road. These facets are certainly liked by the consumers who end up returning to the company over and over again. The money is used for improving the local economy as well as the community.

I drove to all parts of Connecticut with this job. Curtin Livery Employee Reviews Review this company.