Could you try to turn the controll room off? This is a fairly intrusive sound card, constantly fighting for control of the output audio. No sound coming out Post by Martin. I have a Gigbyte MB that has the Realtek audio card on it. You’ll get the Pro playing like it’s an Instrument, like, Prophet sounds. If there is a bug in Cubase Studio then why do other NI products run? The plug should be usable in both types of host:

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I don’t know what is the problem.

The origin seems to me that somehow the connection from the Program to the hardware gets lost. No registered users and 7 guests.

So I can ensure you that it is possible.

No Sound Playback –

This will result typically in better latency, performance, reliability, and sound quality. Also when I load a session, a screen pops up showing the ASIO inputs and outs – each labeled “pending connection”. Both systems have the same problem. I think this problem is quite strange, but since there is a workaround I do not care o much about it.


If yer gear ain’t breakin down, you aint workin’ much. CharlesCoastDec 30, Split slightly uncertain principles i7 k 16 gig C9 W7 64 3×24″ monitors and more stuff than a stuffy thing in stuffy land. BobTheDogApr 14, I open eLicenser and says cubase5 Full license? This is the title of your second post.

No sound coming out –

Should I connect my monitoring system directly to the UR22 line outputs or leave them connected to the computer jacks? MoryloryNov 11, Is there some knob or switch on the interface to invite the audio valic, does it need a midi trigger?

Try to switch this off. Believe me, all of these features will not give you a quality DAW. But the bug still remains. EDIT part 2 – I just reinstalled cubase and everything works now.

There could be something at work here screwing things up. Also, have you checked.

But playing music via itunes works? Or if there’s another solution using my current eLicenser USB dongle. It’s an NI issue. Do you already have an account? The company has been developing. However, then you would not be able to hear audio from the web page. I as a Cubase Studio cubasf am not interested in why my plug works in Cubase 4, I simply expect from NI to make nno work in MY host, which is a standard one.


Can someone please help me? However after playing an audio file from a web page via a browser Cubase then stopped valkd any sound.

Valic never, ever worked for me as an insert, neither has FM8Fx. In any case, sound card with ASIO driver other, than built-in is recommended. However, then again there is no valid registration although I registered everythingthus it all works only in Demo Mode, duh!