Protect your software with serial numbers and with Software Licensing System for Software Development. Find all posts by Sabor. USB Flash Drive Copy Protection is used for encrypting all types of data electronic documents , namely pdf, doc, xls, txt, flv, tutorials, pps, rtf, psd, xml, guide, exe, mpeg, mpg, swf, pdf, html, drm, mp3, scr and so on. Thus, users get complete and efficient digital management. Create your own copy protection for your music, video, photo, image or data cds. Welcome to Webtoolmaster Software Software Products:

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You can only access the files if you have the complete serial number. The best way to ensure data protection is to make sure that digital rights are saved. I tried using hasp emulator pe, but it didnt detected any hasp calls.

If you have the dongle post here the label of the dongle or color. Executable files are susceptible to hackers and code crackers.

The program is the whole complement to your anti virus, spyware or trojan horse scanner. Therefore PEiD can’t show anything. Are you really sure that the program is a DOS executable?


which dongle is it using???? – EXETOOLS FORUM

Watermarks can be added to existing digital images to prevent anyone from claiming digital rights to the picture. This copy protection system is easy to use and have a strong copyright protection.

No serial, no access! Perfekt for software programmer, photographer, small film studios, developer, coder, tester, programming, animation copyock and for coding. It submits your software to more than software archives online with new ones being added to our list.

Bundle your applications in one application. Try the WTM software distribution system today! Want to promote your copylck Any unauthorized access is prevented using various other methods to enhance business profits without affecting the clients. Protect your software with serial numbers and with Software Licensing System for Software Development.

A key feature is that the EXEBundle performs as copyylock file joiner and helps join various applications and consolidate them into one file. We can also show you interesting features to suit your requirement like: Is there some text on it? Or is it only a PE running from commandline?

Search web content with auto filler and clicker. It could also just have a wrapper around it for the dongle protection that checks to see the dongle is present and then allows the application to run.


Last edited by xtx; at Well if its dos based its definetly old. Protect License, License activation method, Software activation technologies, Software license management, Software licensing control. Its an lpt dongle,, i want 2 dump the. If it is a DOS program like you write, you never can find any drivers included in the program since under DOS no driver is needed. The time now is Any password problems please mailto: Always Your Best Friend: Welcome to Webtoolmaster Software Software Products: WTM Software Distribution will then submit your software to software download archives automatically.

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