If you have a weak constitution don’t click and view that gif. The best part is someone calling the move that broke Austin’s neck a “reverse tombstone” in the comments. Obviously not every night. Spoiler Policy No spoilers in titles for 24 hours after a show has aired. I think JR and King admitted that in their prime they would request not to be told what would happen so that the commentary sounded more authentic. Neither of them were messing around so yeah it was pretty textbook.

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I think JR and King admitted that in their prime they would request not to be told what would happen so that the commentary sounded more authentic.

7 Wrestling moves that are banned

Thanks for proudly proclaiming that. No spam Only link to your own content if you contribute to the community. Looking deeper at the subject will lead to the conclusion that there are, much of the time, good reasons for these moves to be outlawed.

There is too much sameness to the flow of each match. It took me reading this to realize that it was an actual bull. What made it dangerous was Owen doing it as a sitout, instead of taking it on his knees which is what Taker and Kane do.

It was not really WCW’s fault. Then there’s the high spike piledriver, made famous by Mr Wonderful Paul Orndorff, which involves a jumping motion.


Do they take the money out of his food stamps? It’s taken out of their wages. I think Cena was prepared to take the bump, Punk did a sitout to take xpike brunt and directed the momentum to the shoulders to the stomach.

He saved the most dangerous for last; IIRC, this move happened at about the 25 minute mark, and about a couple minutes later, Cena would win. Submit a new text post.

Eric Young – Spike piledriver

Dune is his favorite pileedriver and Dean Malenko is his favorite wrestler. If you are not a willing participant in an event that is fatal, that type of death is a tragedy. He just piledrier repeating ‘You can’t see me’ over and over again. Do you know why my family isnt mourning my death by a bull? So he formed it ahead of time? Should have been WM 29’s main event with Rock going against Taker, imagine the pop at that piledriver in a Mania main event, shit would have came unglued.

Come here to discuss pro wrestling in all its forms and factions. Saying “I was speaking with so-and-so back stage and they said they’re really gunning piiledriver someguy’s injured ankle” sounds better than “so-and-so will be targeting someguy’s ankle.

If you don’t know the throws and holds associated with wrestling well enough that you can’t accurately surmise what a going on in the ring, you don’t belong in the booth.


The entire crowd went nuts. WWE must have a paint by numbers guide for the booking. For reference, here’s a bunch of Undertaker’s tombstones. I wouldnt quite go as far as calling it a comedy.

It sucks that it was a nearfall, but at least it was unexpected and an pnuk desperation move. Well its not working- I can always tell a near fall by the way Cole calls it. Moderator Discretion At any time the moderators will use discretion on any given rule. Posts or submissions about the community itself are allowed as long as they follow the general rules of Squared Circle.

Please click accept to agree with the use of all cookies. But I don’t think it has to do with Cole’s “they call it, X”. It might not have been very smart, but this man likely had a family and people who will mourn him.

Why the move was banned: Many wrestlers have been injured by the move, most notably and visibly Stone Cold Steve Austin.