Downsizing Downsizing entails a reduction in engine displacement, which in turn reduces fuel consumption and associated CO 2 emissions. For its customers, the outcome is integrated mobility solutions. Refresh your browser now, or try again later. Fuel injection Engines with gasoline direct injection produce the air-fuel mixture directly in the combustion chamber. In this approach, a higher exhaust-gas velocity at low engine speed brings forward the operating point of the exhaust-gas turbocharger. In combination with downsizing, turbocharging, and scavenging, gasoline direct injection provides an impressive improvement in response, as well as improved driving performance. Bosch is already positioning itself in this market, and will start manufacturing injection valves in Jakarta in , for example.

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Gasoline injection systems

Some of them also feature in price-sensitive vehicle segments and markets, and even in personal water craft. Unlike conventional open-loop controlled injection, the control unit and high-pressure injectors constitute a closed loop in this setup. The injector injects the fuel upstream of the intake valve. Injust 2 percent of vehicles featured gasoline direct injection systems.

Combustion chamber cooling is improved by directly spraying the fuel in the case of gasoline direct injection. An increasing demand for comfort and safety drives the global technological shift from manual to automatic transmissions.

Gasoline injection systems – Bosch Media Service

Bosch is already positioning itself in this market, and will start manufacturing injection valves in Jakarta infor example. Please check portlet preferences to make sure portlet is configured properly. Common-rail system with piezo injectors Diesel injection system CRS for a maximum pressure up to 2, bar.


Additional information is available online at www. The electronic injectog control unit is the central control unit and the heart of the engine management. This is because scavenging improves the intake of fresh air, and a greater volume of hotter exhaust gas is delivered to the turbocharger’s turbine. Fuel-supply module For efficient and reliable fuel supply.

We will process your request promptly. This is because torque is increased by as much as 50 percent.

For information on deleting the cookies, please consult your browser’s help function. The fuel savings are the result of the engine operating more frequently in the upper map areas with higher efficiency. Gasoline port fuel injection shines with reduced friction losses in partial-load operation, while direct injection excels close to full load with its increased knocking limit. When combined with downsizing and turbocharging, scavenging can bring about a fuel saving of some 10 percent.

Engines with gasoline direct injection prepare the air-fuel mix directly in the combustion chamber. The control unit detects the triggering signal for the high-pressure injectors across the entire injection process and determines the timing for opening and bosxh the valve needles. Electronic engine control unit Motronic. CO2, CO 2, Gasoline.

Maintenance Communication –

A special variant of the Bosch EV14 injection valve also features in the latest Bugatti Veyron model. As a result of increasing motorized mobility worldwide, coupled with the desire for lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions, gasoline bosc injection is still regarded as a key technology with huge potential.


The use of lambda sensors provides even more effective emissions control. High-pressure injector – solenoid valve. In addition to individual components, Bosch also offers integrated complete solutions for the gasoline direct injection powertrain system.

Please contact your system administrator if the error persists. Explore more Mobility Solutions. The high-pressure injectors are fitted to the fuel rail, meter and atomize the fuel at high pressure extremely rapidly to provide optimum mixture preparation directly in the combustion chamber. One decade later, this figure was 22 percent. Future legislation aimed at reducing exhaust particulates places new challenges on internal combustion engines. Currently we do not use targeting or targeting cookies.

During a cold start, for example, system pressure increases to 6 bar. The Bosch gasoline direct injection portfolio includes the functional areas of fuel supply, fuel injection, air management, ignition, engine management and exhaust-gas treatment.

However, this can result in some functions no longer being available.