Please see our big comparison thread here. The touchpad is bordered by brushed aluminum trim. This is one of the sacrifices ASUS made by including the numeric keypad in a It is a much more accurate benchmark for dual-core CPUs. Gamers in the market for a well-priced On the left side is a unique OLED display, which can display a message, battery charge remaining, CPU usage, memory usage, and other useful information. Above the keyboard is a series of touch-activated buttons that access various menus.

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The HP d5vt takes the latter approach while the Gateway P uses the former; either one is preferable to the keyboard on the G50V in our opinion. ASUS has a very large selection of current laptops, and it’s not unusual to see various models come and go with minor updates. The inside of the notebook has a design that is just as flashy as the lid. I monitored the temperatures during a gaming session using HWMonitorand got the following results:.

You can see from the pictures that azus G50V is larger than a typical Above the keyboard is a series of touch-activated buttons that access various menus. They also are relatively quiet.

The main benefit of the larger chassis is the inclusion of a separate number pad, but the downside is slightly reduced portability. Truthfully, the P or at most P is sufficient for all but the most extreme users and would cost quite a bit less, or four bit more money you could get the P that has a lower power requirement but the same performance as the Chipaet Excellent warranty coverage and good-quality included accessories seal the deal.


The touchpad has a plain black matte surface, which is easy to track on.

There is ample tactile feedback, with minimal flex. You get a nice LCD, Intel The GeForce M GT is still a step down in performance relative to the M options, but it’s at least a viable midrange solution capable of running most games at x at high detail settings.

The keys are only dedicated if the number lock is turned off. These results indicate the G50V-A1 is a high-performance machine, though with faster hard drives it could have an even better score. The actual temperatures of the internal components range from good to adequate.

ASUS G50V-A1 Review

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. It’s a heavier notebook, almost as large as most 17″ offerings, but the features, build quality, warranty, and accessories add up to a very good overall package.

You can take this notebook to a library or lecture hall without fear of disturbing anyone. At the very bottom of the lid below the horizontal light bar is a rubberized and textured section that acts as a grip for carrying the notebook. The G50V comes with several accessories, including a backpack and a gaming mouse. On the positive side, the drive runs cool 38 degrees Celsius after a benchmark test; it is rated for 55 degrees and is quiet.


Overall, the speakers are a disappointment. Finally, towards the bottom there is a horizontal light bar that spans about half of the lid. Note that the hard drives are not in a RAID 0 configuration; we prefer this approach, as dealing with RAID 0 – particularly on notebooks – can be frustrating and the performance benefits are usually negligible.

ROG G50V Driver & Tools | Laptops | ASUS USA

Two light bars are located at either end of the lid on the very edge, which blink in patterns. The heat is kept well under control at all times — the surface of the notebook is barely warm, as is the bottom. It is a high-performance While idling, the notebook is essentially inaudible.

The trim surrounding the keyboard and bordering the right and left edges of the chassis are glossy orange plastic. They are not overly bright, but are easily seen. The buttons are not particularly quiet, though they would probably not annoy anyone around you. Pressing on the back of the lid yields no asuus in the screen. There is enough room in the backpack for the notebook, power adapter, mouse, and perhaps a textbook.