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I recently switched to a G, its great for keybinding tons of stuff and has jwo-6500 smaller base so its nice to use with a wrist support.

It gives you the freedom to create without wires to tie you down. Check out the menus at the top of the subreddit for resources and guides!

Best Mwo Mouse

You can have an argument without throwing around names. It has since been replaced with GS, basically the same mouse with a few cosmetics differences.

This is really based on personal preference. Logitech – M Silent – Wirel Great mouse if mwk-6500 need wireless my cats like mice chords. Heck, I only use a wireless Logitech trackball on the right hand for zoom, aiming, and alpha strikes.


I just haven’t had a need mwi-6500 replace my current mouse since it works flawlessly. The only thing I use the keyboard for with this mouse is moving. We take no responsibility for the content of ratings and reviews submitted by users. Edited by KariLP, 29 February – You can’t go wrong with the Logitech stuff.

IT Works (MWO) Mouse: Find and buy cheap Keyboards and Mice with UK.

Then with autohotkey, you can turn those anythings into macros, scripts, pretty much any user input to your computer. It’s cool to discuss them, it isn’t cool to link to a site where you can download ’em.

If you like, you can supplement the G13 with a bazillion-button gaming mouse on the right hand. The people whose flair you’re using might not like it.

Karrong Rechargable Wireless M Bought another Madcatz one for work and they are identical – they have done nothing other than change the logo on the thumb pad. Plenty of buttons and if you care about such things, color changing. Great polling rate, 16, DPI not that you would need it and a very easy to use key setups.

IT Works (MWO-6500) Mouse

Wireless vertical mouse Buttons: Logitech – M – Wireless Sil Ergonomically designed, suitable for long-term use without felling tried. I do like the buttons on the side, Logitec has a mouse with plenty of side buttons, when I was looking they were more rounded where Nagas are more squared. Noticed my could not glide as smoothly as it used too. Mac PC Tracking Method: It has a couple extra buttons, and a “sniper button” – big red button that drastically reduces the mouse’s sensitivity when you hold it.


Never Choose Wireless mice for gaming! Best mouse I have ever owned.

IT Works (MWO) Mouse | eBay

So i personaly recommend Zowie. But I think that would already be overkill. I’ve liked my Logitec’s in the past but they didn’t have the buttons on the side when I was looking for a replacement to one that I wore out when I bought my first Naga.

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