When doing the first scan or after doing no scan for some minutes the scanner pauses for about seconds before scanning for lamp-warmup.. Scanning in greyscale or color above about dpi can result in garbage in the image. I have few reports for the Trust scanners, but these seem to work with the Mustek backend. So the backend must know for which firmware version it should do the correction and for which it’s not necessary. Please send an email to me in this case see bug and success reports. I have only one report about this scanner. Please send a report if you have a ScanMagic scanner see Bug and success reports.

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It is highly recommended to. I need your help! High quality dpi optical resolution with bundled software to scan, fax, email. Please test and send debug reports. The Linux kernel crashes when scanimage is called.

Use the latest SANE version. I have some reports that with newer Linux kernels Adaptec controllers don’t work well with the Mustek scanners.


Be careful with the root privileges! Please send an email with a debug report to me if this doesn’t help. The scanner bar is not in the correct position when scanning sheets from the ADF so all images are gray.

This shouldn’t happen with current Linux kernels.

Mustek drivers free download software for all devices

Some people tried to get the scanners working but I haven’t got a success report until now. I need the following information:. You may need to change the IO port address, however. There is no way to distinguish them in software.

Mustek ScanExpress A3 SP Flatbed Scanner

I don’t know yet why this happens. Some other Trust scanners are supported by Frank Zago’s Teco3 backend. Please contact me if you find errors on this page or want to contribute. See man sane-mustek for details.

Mustek ScanExpress A3 SP – flatbed scanner

This may be some sort moiree-effect especially with printed images. Please send any comments or support requests to the sane-devel mailing list.

Turn off the device and remove all cables. Standard buffer size is 32k, which is way to less for the Sdsi backend and will lead to out-of-memory errors.


These Linux kernels can’t change buffer size at run-time. Be careful when testing, I have one report that after testing only black images could be scanned even after powering down and booting to Windows. I don’t even know the SCSI ids. BearPaw TA Pro.

Mustek ScanExpress A3 SP Flatbed Scanner | eBay

Maybe works as a USB storage device? These kernels can’t change buffer size at run time see above. Have a look at the mustek. After that byte only garbage is returned. Very few reports about this scanner.

The slider may bump at the end of the scan area! Martin Guy found out more details about these scanners. Compact A4 flatbed scanner; Scans documents up to x mm size.

There is also a special ADF command line frontend: