Business Computers The tremendous price drops in the memory sector have made most kinds of memory affordable. Click the indicated button. The Soltek board belongs to the fastest of this test, though the differences are very slight. There are only very small performance differences between the motherboards we tested, and considering the tremendous gap to i and RDRAM we added the test results of such a system for your reference , you might have no preference. Soyo includes their security system, MightyBolt, in the package. Microsoft Service Pack 2 for Windows

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MSI MS Pro2 MS MS ATX Mainboard

Intel’s application accelerator, version 2. SDRAM gives customers on this plane an inexpensive way to jump on the Pentium 4 bandwagon, and still maintain a semblance of upgradeability.

Main Menu The main menu lists the setup functions you can make changes to. Chapter 2 Central Processing Unit: This team works perfectly together and has provided good products with excellent support over the years, so why would any business customer suddenly decide to buy AMD-based systems if he’s never had trouble with his Intel machines?


AGP is an interface specification designed for the throughput demands of 3D cyipset. X delivers a high perform- ance and professional desktop platform solution. You can send them back. Msi Smart Key Appendix B: You just need pay the return shipping fee.

Pentium 4, Over 3 GHz! Smart Key icon Note: When locked, the area cannot be updated.

You should firmly remember the password you set; if the Smart Key is lost, you can get a new key from MSI, and turn on the computer with the original password. The latest version runs with SiS may find itself filling the void eventually, but for the moment the i is readily available to consumers and therefore the board of choice in some circles.

EDUP EP-MS6528 Wireless USB 54Mbps LAN Card Adapter 10dBi Antenna

Floppy Disk Drive Connector: Chassis Intrusion Detect Set this option to ms-65528, reset, or disable the chassis intrusion detector.

Min Saving Minimum Power Management.

This may also be one of chipwet reasons for the apparently below-average performance of this motherboard. Monitor function is avail- able only if there is hardware monitoring mechanism onboard.

Click the desired button to start the update process. T is a utility that monitors your disk status to chilset hard disk failure.


In the public workspace, the passwords BIOS password, system password, etc. One very nice feature is Fujitsu-Siemens’ advanced thermal management with automatic clock speed reduction and system monitoring. If the key is unplugged, the other user can not access the computer. Performance users, and high-end gamers looking for killer systems will side with AMD solutions which offer better price points and performance.

Page 89 MSI Dhipset Key Software Setup When the Smart Key is inserted into your computer and the software application is installed in the operating system, it will serve as a safeguard for your system.

Besides that, this motherboard comes with lots of interesting options for overclockers: USB Flash module; Soyo: You can set the monitor to display: Page 7 Appendix A: Click the indicated button. Page 79 Chapter 3 thorized use of your computer. JPHN1 The connector is for modem with internal audio connector. The Main Menu allows you to select from twelve setup functions and two exit choices.