I am having all kinds of trouble with this drive. Thanks your help sir! Code 39 Does anyone know where to get the driver for this model from as I have looked everywhere and cannot find it and I cant find my support cd either to see if it is on there, Any help much appreciated, Thanks. Answered on Dec 27, Driver inexistent or corrupt. Help how far away is TV from router?

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See a pattern here.

Panasonic Matshita DVD Rw Uj Repair Tips & How Tos, Questions & Solutions – Fixya

Therefore, since the drive maker or OEM reseller does not want to create ill will with their customers, they can reset the locking counter. If this data type is missing, go to Method 2.

I dont have any solution!

Basically, the drive supports almost every format you could possible want! Now I have to fix my bluetooth and my pc will be perfect! Play any region DVD and enjoy.

Think i might at some stage. I bought at november acer aspire which had the D drive with D The point is a fact that in some countries like China the quality control is near non-existant, and so is the quality of the products.


Panasonic (Matshita) UJ-845

As a result, the matshits sucked in the CD again as the metal part blocked the way, so the CD stuck inside. All replies Drop Down menu. My drive of the exact same make uj with loads of sense key errors when burning from Toast, now even brand new commercial DVDs are uh to rattle the drive, it has sincere trouble reading movie dvds.

Funny part is that it used to work when I first got it, burnt about 50 DVDs with no problems and now it does not work at all. Have not tested DVDs, speed etc lately. If have further questions about quality and stuff, you better as the manufacturer themselves and dont blame it to the country who works on it.

Thanks for your help. Answered on Jul 06, Help how far away is TV from router? Now my drive works correctly! This is also likely the reason why the drive seems to support more than is officially recognized and why some vendors may support different options As for region locking, this is a scheme created by the motion picture matsita, not the drive maker.


Remember, the region locking was at the request of the major film studios, the drive makers develop their own locking system, not the studios. I presume firmware from B has software block for flashing on other oem drives and it would need hacking. Thanks and Happy New Year. Play any region DVD and enjoy.


Anyone know a way around this? I have a windows based laptop pc and I chose the panasonic uj slimdrive dvd writer. So I flashed it to D and it seems to work — only did this last night so time will tell. Is there any way i could flash it to B model if i could get Bios from it. Unknowingly I have changed the region code of this drive to the maximum limited number of times and thus I am now not able to run any DVD for my region. In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK. Message was edited by: Same problems here with Satellite A model, “burn process failed” on cd and dvd.

Added on September 18th, at 5: One of the few upgrades paths is the optical drive.