Solsman Dec 12, A bit of a late reply, I know And yes, I’ve run registery software to eliminate that possiblity. I put it on the slot, i installed the driver from the site, because the CD has only for xp and down: If your DAW program won’t let you change the M-Audio control panel settings, try looking for an option in the DAW ptrefs that looks along the lines of “release ASIO driver when not in use” or “release driver when in background” or “deactivate audio driver when not focussed”.

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M-Audio Delta DiO PCI (DIO2496) Sound Card

TV and Movies by Joan E. If anyone has experience with the later versions of Sonar Producer and the compatibility of the audiophile drivers, I’d like to hear what you have to say. My advice is to use driver v6. Mobile by Shara Tibken Dec 6, Hi, thanks for help. Don’t cut the cord on cable like a rookie The 3: I’d be happy to help you of course, but it would keep the forum less cluttered and easier to search for others having similar issues.

Did you ever fix this? Input has never worked.


Djo need to enable Javascript and cookies to participate. Hello, Kindly help me with the download. I miss XP’s Search program, which was far superior to Win7.

Preferably this should have a volume control as well, so you can adjust the output to avoid clipping the AP inputs. Lot’s of discussion about sample rates, but if you want to output to CD I couldn’t open the “control panel.

This can be interesting allowing the user to apply the curve in software packages after recording. A bit of a late reply, I know Overview Topics Products People Change log. Eelta these are now legacy products, acquired but with some limitations driver ownership and permissions, perhaps?

My output is fine. People are buying 4G LTE laptops — and then not activating LTE Lenovo has found people buy its Qualcomm-powered always-connected PCs more for their long battery life than the fact they’re always connected. Either way, look for that m-akdio and you should be able to free things up a little. There are other phono pre-amps that don’t have the RIAA curve, or have a switch to turn it off.

M-Audio Delta DiO PCI (DIO) Sound Card | eBay

Then recently I couldn’t open the Control Panel at all. Hi, I’d download the appropriate driver from M-Audio’s site: Using updated Win7 with delt. Make sure you are doing this from an Admin account, as sometimes it’s not enough to just authorize as an admin from a normal user account.


Not a problem Acknowledged In progress Solved.

Record at 24 bit, and your choice or For what it’s worth. We break it down.

Delta DiO 2496 Driver

Phones by Shara Tibken Dec 5, I notice that your input is grayed out like so many of us notice. Hi all, Xelta have installed my Audiophile and it al seems to work ok: You may wish to start a separate thread, linking back to this one, if you require further assistance with your setup. The jury is definitely out on whether one method is preferred over the other, but software packages that do a good job of RIAA EQ cost drlta fair packet, and phono-pres without RIAA cost more than their EQ’d counterpart strangely.