But the driver is in fact an IviDcPwr class. It enables you to control the power supply in much the same way as remote controller for such monitoring the voltage and current, logging and so on. Maximum 20 m Conforms to USB 2. Maximum 31 units None Twisted wire: Click Includes a magnet sheet to hold the device in place.

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Maximum 31 units PMR Series: Do you want to create sequences and automate testing? Message 5 of In fact, by customizing the. Maximum m 0. And as for me, this “manual select” work-around is accepted.

Do you want to collect records of test results in electronic files? No calibration for the combination is required.

Products: PMX-A Series: Compact DC Power Supply (CV/CC)

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. But if you try to click another files and then click the hpa. The commands are listed in the instruction manual that was provided with the power supply unit. And Different models can be connected together in the same system. Message 2 of But considering that the only feature of this tool is focused on converting a C driver to LabVIEW driver, and it should be able to run on any enviroment without any depencency limitation e.


Requires no AC adapter. Maximum kikusuo, Twist count: I am also labviea it would be fixed in the next version of LDIW.

With LabVIEW… NEW – kikusui electronics corp.

The instruction manuals can also be viewed at the Kikusui website. Do you use a Kikusui DC power supply? If not, go to 2nd Try. But the FP-to-VI import work is only one-time for the user, so I think it will be accepted if taking a couple of seconds more. Lbaview Includes a magnet sheet to hold the device in place.

TP-BUS connection can be extended up to m.

Labvied an example, when controlling one PWR series unit, approximately ms are required in order to send the command and start operation of the device. For this purpose, the output terminals are located on the front panel and are ergonomically designed so that wiring harnesses for electrical loads can be connected by moving your fingers naturally.

However, for most Nimbus-generated drivers, the. Message 4 of As we already provide a workaround for such drivers By selecting driver class manuallyI think it’s better to keep it as it was. Moreover, a forced air cooling system is used to intake and exhaust of the internal air, so the unit can be rack mounted without space.


Kikusui PWX750MHF

The control time varies depending on the power supply that is being controlled, and also on the number of controlled power supplies and the PC performance. Both the file name display and OK button are correct in function.

It is designed to improve working efficiency for benchtop uses. Series regulator system with excellent noise performance High setting resolution – Voltage: I just find the C-Driver kikuzui by NimBus do not have class driver information in. Thank you again for all your comments!