Before you ask our support staff for assistance please check out our FAQ. If the flag auto commit is set then the transactions will only start if needed. The fetch functions will allow all fetchtype values. There are multiple possibilities about how to configure the Monitored Failover. This is very fast for small ResultSets. A bug with getConnection was fixed. You need to test the performance on the console.

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You use the SQL Server 6.

SetUpAMSSQLDatasource |JBoss Developer

Use the following SQL statements instead with single quotation:. Check the class path for old versions.

A regression with setMaxIdleTime was fixed. The scale was 0, e. For restore that, you have to executed the Statement again. This property is helpful if you use PreparedStatements on tables with triggers. The bug there is a time displacement of one hour for some hours of the day.

To make sure that the RDBMS server is listening on sqll machine name and port number you specified use: If you want to use named pipes from another platform, you have to install SMB server message block on the client or you must install NFS network file system on the SQL server. The vendor code was always 0.


Since driver version 7. You use a JDBC 3.

Documentation for MS SQL Server JDBC drivers

dql The SQL server 7. Windows authentication will only work from a Windows client from the same domain. With the SQL Server 7. The property charset is case-sensitive in JAVA. The KeepAliveTime describes the time after a Socket. This protocol might be a little slower than inetdea7 if the SQL Server has no index problems.

A workaround for jdnc problem is to cast to column type. Behavior change for input parameter that are streams. The size of each row is variant.

See The messages “access denied” or “cannot access” in a Browser. If you do not use a PreparedStatement with parameters then you need to mark your text as unicode with the N prefix.

Added support for VNN virtual network names together with instance names. Data larger as MB are send as bulk.

General FAQ for all i-net JDBC drivers for MS SQL Server

A thread bug was fixed in PoolManager. Fixed the exception with setNull x, Types. The method setMaxFieldSize has only an effect on jcbc current Statement and not on the connection now.


The zip file of the driver includes a jar file merlia. You should use XA only if you it need. A driver with internal connection pooling.

In depend of the value returned from FailoverListener, a new try of reconnect will be started or not. This can be accomplished best with getCodeBase. You have called a Connection.