If you are using a screen reader or other accessibility device to access this website, please call our Customer Service Department at for an accessible alternative to our website. However, if the Paper Type of one tray is recycled or special paper, the settings of the oth- er trays must be the same for Auto Tray Switching. Summary of Contents for Gestetner Page 1: These images can be stored indefinitely, as on a computer hard drive, and can be accessed and reproduced at any time, making production of more commonly used office documents such as brochures and forms easy and convenient. To get maximum versatility from this machine all operators should carefully read and follow the instructions in this manual.

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Display Panel The display panel shows the status of the machine, error messages and function menus. Document feeder ADF Load a stack of originals here.

Gestetner 2212 Copy Reference Manual

Translucent paper OHP bestetner A Control Panel Screen Contrast knob Adjusts the brightness of the display panel. Customer Reviews For Gestetner This digital copier can produce a resolution of x dots per inch, creating a crisp, professional-looking black and white document that is suitable for gesetner business need. There are more upgrades to be purchased than there are installed features when it comes to paper handling capacity. Press to start scan- ning and printing in Document Server mode.


Machine Types Machine Types This machine comes in two models which vary by copy speed. The target market for the Gestetner is large offices with high output demand. If you have the document feed- er, load a stack of originals here.

Reasonably priced replacement toner cartridges can be purchased from many suppliers and gesteyner a maximum yield of 11, pages, guaranteeing low production costs per page and less time spent replacing cartridges when they run low. A sheet expansion tray with a 50 sheet stapling capacity can be purchased as an upgrade, as well as a sheet tray with a 30 sheet stapling capacity.

Media types that are accepted include plain paper, bulk objects such as books, and solid objects.

Options Sheet Finisher Sorts, stacks and staples the copies. Gestetner firmware includes customization and optimization features that accommodate many types of image manipulation capabilities such as rotation, scaling and negative reversal. Remove Paper Indicator The indicator is lit when paper is output to the internal tray 2 1 bin tray. Toner dust might ignite when exposed to an open flame. geshetner

In accordance with IECthis machine uses the following symbols for the main power switch: If you do, the display might be damaged. This manual also for: These features can be automated or implemented manually. Make sure the paper is placed correctly so that it is fed straight.

Page 10 Sheet Finisher Our products are engineered gestener meet high standards of quality and functionality, and we rec- ommend that you only use the expendable supplies available at an gestener dealer.


This function is called Auto Tray Switching.

Gestetner Review –

Enter text from picture: Exposure glass cover Lower this cover over originals for copy- ing. Operating Instructions Copy Reference Read this manual carefully before you use this product and keep it handy for future reference.

When paper is removed from the internal tray 2, the indicator goes off. Page 35 Basics Place the paper in the bypass tray, and specify the paper size. Press a function name to display its menu.

However, if the Paper Type of one tray is recycled or special paper, the settings of the gestetnner er trays must be the same for Auto Tray Switching. This symbol indicates a potentially hazardous situation that might result in death or serious injury when you misuse the machine without following the in- structions under this symbol.

222 The display panel will come on. The Gestetner has a dimensional footprint that is small enough to fit into the place of any other large office copier.