It has some funny connection. Have anyone tried on Windows 10? Any ideas why the device is not showing up? If you do see the debug driver but still cannot connect, it could be that you have the port open in another software or another instance. Regards, Ralph posted by Ralph S 22 Apr Greetings, I am sorry that you are having such difficulty with this interface.

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Opensda PeMicro CDC Serial Port issue | NXP Community

Have a read at https: OS X relies on the device class to set up generic drivers for most devices only using the vendor ID for exceptions. PEMicro Staff – August 11, – Then you can use it to debug another board. Please accept the use of cookies on our site At PEmicro we use web browser cookies in order to provide you with an enhanced experience and in order to be able to do things like shopping cart processing and identify you when you login to our website.

I assume my module is getting power because it powers up.


But could you try to copy the. If I hit the Update License oort, and copy and past the installation code and activation code given to me, it says there is an error.

Install Drivers for NXP FRDM-KL25Z Board – MATLAB & Simulink

I am trying to figure this out for a Mac, and I get stuck where you are downloading the drivers from pemicro. You can create a bin file easily instead of an S19 file, see https: Different Firmware for each board.

You can skip this step if you have Kinetis Design Studio V1. You do not have the correct permissions to perform this pport. Are designing your board with trhough hole connectors? Re-installing the Windows drivers helped for two out of the three boards so I suspect the third board has a hardware problem.

But to upgrade the firmware, you need to find a Windows machine. It has some funny connection.

Greetings, Were you able to get your board working? Is that the normal LED sequence? Click here to accept. Sorry, works, my bad!

Opensda PeMicro CDC Serial Port issue

Would also like to add that this issue persists on windows 10 and bizarrely Ubuntu 15 as well. I have published a list of OpenSDA error blinking codes in https: Can I download this from somewhere to confirm my suspicions? Notify me of new posts via email. Hello Dimitry, thanks for your comments. I have not tried with Windows 10, but my understanding is that it will be the same as with Windows 8.


I hope this helps. I think I am going to have to redesign my hardware. As far as I can tell, Freescale have sold me something that just does not work. Does this also allow the board to be programmed from Mac OS X? General Questions Create new topic. Cart New Account Fresscale. How can I programmed the board with S19 File or how can I update the firmware of the other board using the frdm kl26 as freescael Please, contact us at support mbed.

The same applies when trying to update the firmware.