Before i figured out how to install the hpt raid web gui I created my array by booting to windows xp from spare drive and using the gui for windows. Hi Don’t bet on the array to be inherrently secure. As I said the nas is for datacenter – web hosting to be more exact. Thanks for the info, I was going to try to do a similar analysis this morning but here it is for me! It’s requires a driver from Highpoint to work with the hardware. You must log in or register to reply here. While I understand your need to get your server working, that doesn’t do much good for the community.

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I tested with the gig drive to make sure everything was working, and I can share it without problems. Can’t really afford to wait longer. Jan 23, 8. I am for the moment uing the RAID array. So I’m not concerned about XOR engine, on board memory or array expansion.

Installing FreeNAS 8.x on HDD with RocketRAID support. | FreeNAS Community

Performance and power usage of multiple PCI cards not to mention cabling issues, round IDE cables a must will be a problem, not to mention the fact monitoring and maintaining multi IDE cards will be a hassle.


Jan 28, However, it doesn’t recognize my rr Wednesday, February 21, Also if data protection is critical for you consider buying 2 Rrocketraid for redundancy. So does the WHS Install program recognize the Rocketraid, or do drivers have to be loaded via F6 or after the install is done?

It shouldn’t be necessary to enable folder feenas with WHS as the array is inherrently secure. I’m going to change it to a 6-drive 1. The controller is installed and WHS is happy. It’s requires a driver from Highpoint to work with the hardware. As the title sais it, i wanna install FreeNAS on HDD or USB stick but with possibility install write files on the partition that the system installs to, and not lose any setting or files after a reboot.

Joined Mar 25, Messages 19, Thanks 1, Freenas does have the driver but it doesn’t have any raid management tools. Sign in to vote. I don’t think FreeNAS supports the If you have them, please let me know! I even have the recently released controller. It appears to not currently be supported.

Installing Highpoint Drivers on FreeNAS

By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. If you set up an array, you will definitely need to load drivers, either at the F6 prompt or after the fact. I put the controller back in the Freenas server, and now I have to start migrate the data.


DewJan 28, Jan 22, 4. It’s better for you, your data, and the community to get official support for your controller integrated into FreeNAS. There’s freejas bunch of reasons why trying to use a USB stick for dreenas else is a bad idea.

The disks are all seperate of each other and can be removed and plugged into another system or bus with all data still intact. The OS is free, tech support is free on the forum.

I don’t think the 2TB applies there. Windows Home Server Hardware and Installation. Joined Oct 24, Messages 5 Thanks 0. I have the rocketraid with 8 x HDD, plus also 2 more on the motherboard ide controllers.