The heatsink does the job fine and remained cool to the touch at all times, even under load. Just how motherboards should be. But overall, I was satisfied with it. All completely stable I write this at that speed, on this board, as you read! The graph just shows the CPU is working properly. The KT’s main advantage over KTA besides the little memory controller tweaks is the ability to run the memory clocks asynchronous to the front side bus, in this case with a

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Anyone with a Epox 8k3a? – Ars Technica OpenForum

By purchasing this CPU you!! The graph just shows the CPU is working properly. It’s one of the most stable boards I’ve yet seen, something I maybe couldn’t say about EPoX in the past. Latency on the memory increases actually negating some of the new bandwidth performance 8kk3a get. This might change in the future since it’s mainly BIOS controlled from what I understand and DDR MHz memory is starting to appear in small quantities and is already available from DDR sticks if you know what you are buying and do your homework!

Orders will be shipped on a first come first served basis. Latency on DDR memory subsystems actually increases when you run asynchronous to the front side bus, negating some of the performance, but on the whole performance rises. Ask a question Compare.


Thumbs up to EPoX for that connector placement. The CPU can use 2. Click to find out more. 8ka performance at stock clocks and our little increase when running asynchronous.

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So we’ll take a look at performance from a number of angles. What Sandra is really measuring here is the bandwidth the host processor can make use of from what’s available from the memory controller.

We’ve had the board for a little while but we’ve never 8o3a able to make the board work in asynchronous mode and detect any performance increase. Next up we have Quake3.

THe baord was only 85 dollars, I really couldnt pass that up and Ive had good luck with Epox in the past. It’s this graph that most people are going to see and think, “what’s the benefit of running DDR then? AGP supports 1x, 2x 3.

It’s rotated, presumably in conjunction with the 3-phase power to shorten the trace length to the power pins on the socket.

Anyone with a Epox 8k3a?

Fitted with an all-in-one monoblock which matches the Gigabyte Aorus aesthetic. Given a fast graphics card, you are able to see the effect that memory bandwidth has on the system when you use Quake3. Otherwise layout is identical.

The numbers are very similar to results we’ve gotten with this CPU on a wide number of boards. The heatsink does the job fine and remained cool to the touch at all times, even under load. However with regular air coolers the socket rotation shouldn’t be an issue.


Not sure if I will. I especially liked how the board was layed out, compared to my old Abit VT6X4.

Customer review No Review Yet This is your chance! By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. Moving to the right past that circuit and componentry we see the socket itself. As far as overclocking the board went, large front side bus was easy.

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As always, lets start at the top left and work our way across and down. Overclocking I wont dwell on overclocking for long except to prove the effect of overclocking the front side bus and letting the CPU have greater bandwidth.

Sep 19, Posts: Layout is sensible despite with eox couple of niggles that are mostly personal rotated socket and slightly goofy ATX power socket placement. Just how motherboards should be.