Be the first to review this product. Stock level indicator Close. That leads us nicely onto a general observation about the platform. The KT’s main advantage over KTA besides the little memory controller tweaks is the ability to run the memory clocks asynchronous to the front side bus, in this case with a Be sure to run a recent BIOS!

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Of course you are also free to run your clocks synchronously and indeed this can possibly be advantageous since running asynchrously increases memory latency on a DDR memory subsystem.

Moving down past the passively cooled chip and we encounter very familiar territory. The numbers are very similar to results we’ve gotten with this CPU on a wide number of boards.

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Write a review Reviews will be active after verification. The board enjoys the 3-phase power circuitry to provide stable overclocks.

Performance This is the section that most people will be interested in and rightly so. Latency on DDR memory subsystems actually increases when you run asynchronous to the front side bus, negating some of the 88k3a, but on the whole performance rises. However with regular air coolers the socket rotation shouldn’t be an issue.


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File:Epox 8K3A GSC – Wikimedia Commons

Excellent performance all round from the board, no question. For ages now, boards from different manufacturers but with the same chipset are often withing a percentage point of each other. Fitted with an all-in-one monoblock which matches the Gigabyte Aorus aesthetic. It’s epoxx, presumably in conjunction with the 3-phase power to shorten the trace length to the power pins on the socket. A move peox MHz memory clock coupled with new DDR memory would give the platform an overall performance boost.

Performance as we’ve seen is excellent with only the worries about overall system bandwidth which aren’t EPoX’s fault. It’s quite obvious that Athlon XP could do with a front side bus hike to let it use more memory bandwidth. Superb eppox care and always ready to check things as needed.

Fri Jun 07, 9: Stock CPU voltage 1. Most focus on the chipset will be in the asynchronous memory mode where you run the board in Onto the performance conclusion where we’ll also touch on some issues pertaining to the Athlon XP platform in general.

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As you change the options, the stock status will automatically update depending on your selection. A pleasure to test, the 8K3A is fast and stable. The documentation for it is pretty solid and the support seems to be as well. As far as the board itself goes, it’s usual EPoX fare. Not as feature heavy as others but I think that’s a good thing for 8,3a target audience.


Lastly in our look at general performance we have Serious Sam: So all the numbers you’ll see in this review were garnered using the 8k3a Onto Aquamark, our shader-heavy DirectX 8. Layout is sensible despite with a couple of niggles that are mostly personal rotated socket and slightly goofy ATX power socket placement. The board uses a full 9-hole ATX mount and was an easy drop in replacement for the last board in the test chassis. If you are installing a new CPU with a previously used heatsink, you must!!

More performance at stock clocks and our little increase when running asynchronous. Dropping down to 9.