Only one interface can be enabled at a time. Message 19 of I was planning to use the power supply in a dynamically controlled system, but unfortunately it always takes a few seconds to change the voltage level. There are also default com port settings in the Device Manager of Windows. Message 12 of

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Solved: Agilent EA – Page 2 – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

I have tried to copy your VI Omar, but somehow I couldn’t get it to run, I really don’t know why, but everything I get is the labviea. Also connecting to a comport only means you are able to get as far e364a the com port itself.

I fear this might not be fast enough for my system. I am meanwhile able to connect to the device via RS and to control it successfully.

The GPIB interface is selected when the power supply is shipped from the factory. Thank you very much for the example for setting the default values myself. Message 14 of LabVIEW could read back some number of bytes but still throw a timeout error.

This seemed to work, but the next error appeared when it tried to reset. Message lbview of Message 15 of Are you saying by “connected” that you are able to send and receive commands when connected to a “built in” comm port of your PC using a program like Terra Lanview or Hyper Terminal, but not able to send and receive commands when using a 3rd party “RS to USB” converter?


Agilent Technologies controllers generally use address. Not without problems, but generally they work.

Message 13 of We have a number of laptops using USB to serial converters to talk to meters and power supplies. If you are actually sending and receiving commands to the power supply, then what you have must be a NULL modem.

Most Active Software Boards: You can’t tell if you are “connected” to a device until you actual try to send and receive messages.

Power supply EA sample code – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Accepted by topic author Keksbold. After that I had to remove the error queries from the Configure Output and the Configure Current Limit as well, which made these work too.

Setting the ID Query? That really was the mistake.

That made the initialize sub VI run. If it is working and you take the computer end of your cable and transfer it to RS end of your USB comport, change the com port ref and it fail to send and receive the same commands, Then the USB to RS are not compatible with your EA. USB to RS converters are not all created equal. I am also quite sure that I chose the right COM Port, as I always just plug it in and choose the one which newly appeared in the list.


Is it an NI device or 3rd party? I really don’t know how to solve this, and am pretty sure that a simple decoupling would not be a good idea. The first cable I tried did not work.

E3648A 100W Dual Output Power Supply Two 8V, 5A or 20V, 2.5A

Message 16 of However I found out that I am obviously able to make a connecttion even if I just plug in the converter not linked to the device, so JUST the converter I did not know this was not accepted and did not plan on playing someone off against someone else, As soon as the problem is solved I will post the solution everywhere I asked for help. I am however still not able to access the device via USB.

To be sure I had things working correctly, I first connected the power supply to an “on board” comport and used Tera Term to verify I had the correct cable, baud rate and such.