Rexter Libertas, Aequitas, Veritas join: There isn’t any information on BIOS settings, troubleshooting, or installation. Positioning of power connectors. Is it worth reformatting all of my drives and reinstalling windows on an sata drive just to run the os from the sata? The feature rich bios has almost anything a person could ask for, however first time users shouldn’t be concerned about too many settings as this board ran fine on auto settings. I found that I needed to drop back down to stock speeds if I wanted to attempt a switch to different multipliers or memory dividers.

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Memory set to for Full range of DRAM tweaks are available. Those of you overclocking will probably want to put on a fan or replace the coolers. Also warranty may cost extra.

DFI Infinity NF UltraII-M2 motherboard and SATA | Support Forums

I don’t have this board but was going to read through the manual for it. There have been a few incidents from forum members where they’ve knocked off these capacitors while installing their heatsink.

I’m guessing that people who need support will access the Internet, but if dri only computer is in pieces, then where are they going to turn? Sandman37 to Rexter Premium Member Sep Firewire is no exception.


nForce 2 Socket A Motherboard Round-up

I completed the OS install this morning, and all seems to be working fine. Standard rear plate layout. I’ve mentioned it in the bios section, but until you experience it, I cannot stress how strange the reaction of this board to bios changes and c-mos resets is until you are used to it.

The ultra-high voltage settings for CPU and Memory are something every enthusiast motherboard should come with, but care must be taken to use this tool wisely.

Heatsinks get a little close to these capacitors. The included accessories are typical of a motherboard in knfinity price range.

Initial DRAM voltage set to 1.

DFI Infinity PS Dark S Motherboard Review

Some of you can live without these features, though I would have liked to see at least the diagnostic LEDs standard. But the symptoms are pretty much the same as when I was dfl the USB keyboard — Windows setup gets as far as the end of the text portion of setup, the message “Setup is starting Windows” appears, and the screen goes black and the system reboots.

The Thermalright AX7 barely fits into the socket and there’s not much clearance after it’s installed.

Rental car lied to me! Features This motherboard offers a full set of features designed to meet any need. I can get a rpm mb western digital for just two dollars more. Hope I can find someone, who’s able to replace them. Rexter Member Sep 9: You must log in or sign up to reply here. Your name or email address: The manual that came with the board had a lot of info in it, but didn’t really tell me all I needed to know. Overclocking features like extended memory settings and the ability to apply ultra-high voltages to CPUs, Memory, and Chipsets are something we now take for granted, yet it’s only been recently that such features have been available on mainstream motherboards.


But I just left it alone and went to bed.

If you went with the 74Gb Raptor you really would not need to put them in Raid. Not to pick on DFI though. I’ve been using this motherboard in my main rig for two weeks so I thought I’d list a couple of the quirks I’ve uncovered during that time. Glad to hear it.

Even then Windows cannot format the inifnity. Another problem with the socket is its location. The hard drive light does not always come on whil the drive is being accesses.