Big eye opener for me. This club is fantastic. From behind the clubs you are more easily able to see how Cleveland has moved weight behind the bottom half of the ball Once I was comfortable with the clubs I hit each of them off the extreme toe and heel to see how they would perform. I now hit it straight or a very slight draw. Slice gone and drove at least 50 yards further than my old Callaway. He hits his drive Simply chose the payment option that works best for you.

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Almost night and day. Condition is evaluated by our knowledgeable staff and the used golf club s is priced accordingly.

Would like to pick up a XL. Teeing it low seems to give me better results.

Cleveland HiBore XLS Tour Driver Review – Golfalot

I usually hit a high ball so the first thing I noticed was the trajectory from the Tour model is much more penetrating. The numbers add up. Outhits my Comp by 30 — 40 yds.

Slice gone and drove at least 50 yards further than my old Callaway. I love the club. The best driver i’ve ever hit Still, niber amazing golf club! This club is a cannon. After playing with the clubs for several round as well as using them on xll and grass driving ranges, the scratches on the bottom of the club are very minimal.


Cleveland HiBore XL Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 35 reviews –

I just got fitted today at my local golf shop for a new Hibore XL. Words cannot do justice to the feeling Cleevland got on using it off the tee for the first time yesterday.

Try one is all I can say, especially if you tend to get a lot of spin on your drives causing them to balloon and robbing you of distance. But with my graffaloy with a cobra head volume do not happen. And for me, with this club, is good for and the occasional yarder on a good wind or a good fairway….

Cleveland HiBore XL Driver Reviews

Ball goes straight or with a draw. So, better safe than sorry. After that, I was sold.

The 1st drive I hit clevelans it was certainly 20 yards past anything the Taylormade had produced, maybe a bit more! Sign up for our discounts! Average This club has seen normal usage for an extended period of time, at least one season, has been well cared for, and is still in good used condition.

I tend to deloft the face a bit normally, so I get a great trajectory, plus decent distance and xp dispersion than with a regular flex shaft. The golf magazine reviews of the Hibore XL in comparison to other drivers always puts it in the middle of the group they really have nothing to great to say about this club.


Today’s Golfer

Went on line for a good review and got a great one thanks. When i was at the driving range last night i got to hit Hibore Xl with the standard shaft. LOVE the club, am now looking at the hibore irons to help me break 90 on a more consistent basis. My biggest problem was being able to get off the box not any more now I am confident on were my ball is going and another plus is I also gained about yards more in distance. The issue, apparently, was a COR thing.

For most recreational players, that is enough. Teed up again and with a more relaxed swing, it just flew off nice, straight n long. But even better for me is the forgiveness.

The CG Gold irons are just amazing. He is right, of course.