With 3 weighting options to suit the shot you desire and numerous top shafts available, the are specs for every player. That said, clean shots travelled yards for me. Bottom line, I am putting the club up for sale and thank goodness, I still have my old driver. I am a slicer and had been playing Cobra off sets and Taylor Burner with a draw bias. My natural left-hand fade was replaced with a straight tee shot.

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Go at 5pm when the course is clear, and hit a shot with each off the tee…. I tried it a second time with a shaft better calalway to me, and I absolutely loved it after playing one round with drad. The FT-5 Tour model comes with the Fujikura E, a low-torque gram shaft available in regular, stiff and x-stiff, while the FT-i Tour model comes with the Speeder in regular, stiff and x-stiff.

Greta club 1 out of 1 people found the follow review helpful. With my swing, the ball off the FT-5 face just goes straight…. When I first tried this club, I was totally unimpressed. By the 11th hole three of our foursome were hitting it.

Callaway FT-5 Draw Driver Reviews

So, it could be the new shaft you are using, the draw bias, or both. Changed it to the FT-5 and aint looked back. Of course, only an opinion; but consider saving dollars of your money. Compared to the FT-3, the FT-5 is an obvious, evolutionary next step.


Distance as good as any Ive hit in last 2 years of searching too. Over all, I am hoping to drop a few shots from being closer to the hole off the tee. I bought a new FTi callawag demoing one during a scramble.

Callaway FT-5 Drivers

This club is amazing. Your email address You must enter a valid email address. To really be a hot shot goolf golf, you need to take any two clubs under consideration out on the course. I must retract my earlier comments about the newly purchased FT Sell Your Golf Clubs.

Callaway FT-5 Draw Driver Reviews – Golf Club Reviews – Golfbidder

I had purchased an FT-3 from ebay and received an FT-i by mistake. What is the difference between the two years? I usually hit along the right side of the rough.

I noticed that teeing the ball higher with the FT-i has also helped compared to teeing very low with with the GBB. The 9 Degree Stiff, Draw version seemed to fit my swing better than the Neutral, which had a more consistent slice.

The angles of the driver make alignment a snap. The noise at impact is different from Titanium drivers, but easy to get used to, and not as offensive as some other drivers. Many thanks for your help. Slicing the ball can come and go, and you can fiddle with the weights when you are hitting the ball straighter…. Got my FT5 13 degree regular lub today cal,away rushed to the club to use it.


After playing my buddies FT I all last season I took the plunge and got the reg.

What I hear from retailers is that the FT-i gets a lot of interest, but that more golfers end up buying the FT-5 due to the price and performance. What is the difference between an FT-5 tour and FT-5, besides the shaft weight and availability of Will be buying from you again.

In sum, have it measured. The FT-5 headcover calllaway has a long sock attachment, while the FT-i headcover right is shorter and has a magnetic closure. The FT-5 is a refined, third-generation product that has had any bad traits bred out.

This provides exceptional stability on off-center hits, while enabling ball flight customization for optimal individual performance.