Coast Mountain Bus Co. Meanwhile, only about 10 per cent of Lower Mainland HandyDart passengers those deemed covered by an essential services ruling from the Labour Relations Board because of their need to attend kidney or cancer treatment clinics are able to get rides. If you’re from BC and qualify for additional assistance from the BC Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation, you may be eligible for a discounted annual bus pass. What Translink should have done was to specify good labour relations as one of the requirements for a successful bidder on the contract. The call is generated 10 minutes prior to the estimated time of arrival based on the Automatic Vehicle Location AVL technology. MVT was involved in an incident in Northampton, Massachusetts, that resulted in a passenger death due to a driver mistake.

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HandyDART Frequently Asked Questions

Driving all day in fair weather and foul, finding my way through every traffic snarl imaginable. Which phone number will be called? We knew our wages were many dollars an hour lower than other bus drivers in the Lower Mainland, and that the pension arrangements were laughable.

We strive not to exceed the following guidelines for the amount of time you spend on the vehicle:.

The View from a HandyDart Driver’s Seat | The Tyee

The place you get your monthly FareCards and FareSaver tickets has changed. What remains to be seen is whether service will be restored in a way that respects the legitimate concerns of employees about their own future security when they retire, or whether the solution will lie in an imposed agreement that ignores those concerns.


Keep in mind that traffic or change in routing may affect the arrival time. Your information remains confidential and helps us make sure that the HandyDART service will be suitable for your travel needs.

If a customer would like to book a ride one day in advance, the request must be made before 4 p. There are two types of reminder calls: Can I provide more than one number? Reminder calls can be received on handydrat local area phone number. All information submitted to The Tyee is only available to employees or sub-contractors who are bound by agreement with The Tyee to keep the information private.

First Canada is well established in British Columbia and has a proven track record of providing quality service to customers in Victoria, Kelowna, Becime and other B. Your home phone number is the default number called, but a cell phone is the preferred option when being picked up at locations other than your home. How much notice must be given to cancel a ride? They also want to cap our health benefits and cut them entirely for casuals, which would make handydartt profitable for them to reduce full-time jobs.

This would involve working with customers based on their abilities to provide trip plans that could include conventional transit, possibly freeing up HandyDART trips in the process.

Alerts Next Bus Trip Planner. If you have concerns related to your privacy please contact us at info thetyee. There are numerous other concessions and unacceptable proposals on surveillance of our members and discipline. Would you like to receive The Tyee’s headlines free by email?


Through our work, we get to know our passengers and really care about their needs. We understand that trips may need bandydart be cancelled from time to time.

Get The Tyee’s independent, reader-funded reporting sent straight to your inbox, for free. When does the call go out? We weren’t saints, of course, but the workers who stuck it out in the system were an extraordinary bunch of people, compassionate, resourceful, funny and diligent. The window begins 15 minutes before the scheduled pick up time and ends 15 minutes after the scheduled time.

When HandyDART determines that a service area will be Essential Service Only, the automated phone calls will begin immediately for all passengers who have a booked ride in the area for that particular day.

Show me the comments! MVT was involved in an incident in Northampton, Massachusetts, that resulted in a passenger death due to a driver mistake.

Over the next decades, HandyDart services expanded across the Lower Mainland and hanrydart some Interior and Island municipalities. Coast Mountain Bus Co. Normally, the system delivers close to 5, trips a day. HandyDART will sometimes use taxis as a supplemental service. In a National Labour Relations Board finding from Minnesota, the company is accused of the following labour abuses:.