AUREAL VORTEX2 SQ2500 AU8830 5.12 2568.0 DRIVER

And I’ve been loving without sound ever since, at least on the Vista side. Yes, that Waveblaster connector is the same reason to my 2 anyone need real WT MIDI must have that connector on card to put on such wavetable daughter board like Waveblaster. I’ve removed the MegaUpload mirror link. How are you getting them to work in the Windows 7 Beta? Which drivers should be used to get a maximum of the original vortex2 features and compability?

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The download went from being about 18 MB to MB.

Thanks alot for the driversthey work well on xp sp2 and on vista 32bits but I’m having some problems on Win7 sound is kinda chunkyseems if I disable Hardware Acceleration it works better. Finally I installed the above mentioned drivers 5.

Aureal VORTEX2 SQ2500 Driver Download and Update for Windows

Vista is out of the question unfortunately, as it eats a lot of resources. I seemed to argue a lot in using Votrex 2 cards, to speak the truth, I just love it, but I only want to show the opinion of using it with modern Bortex2 and machine.

How are you getting them to work in the 5268.0 7 Beta? Could you help me out please? I’m glad to hear it no pun intended!


You now have basic sound support in bit Aireal. The better is that it works perfectly normal: This old article is still getting a lot of attention, apparently.

OH yeah – where did you find these?

How exactly were you able to make all this work? I haven’t used A3D much, can’t tell if it worked on windows Somehow I found your page, and I have a Vortex 2 card, so I snagged the file, but I don’t know what file I should run under Vista to install these drivers. However, I have posted a second mirror link. At first I got no sound, and was totally bummed, but eventually found my way to the Software Mixer app it should have been easy to find like in XP then muted and un-muted the master Speaker volume, and heard a “click” or “blip”, and I thought – this is a good thing.

Keep up the great work mate!

Aureal Vortex2 SQ (AU) Driver – Windows XP/ bit | Aureal

Ah, memories of technologies past. Sorry, my English is poor. Specifically, the Windows paged pool on my system seems to be growing slowly over the course of several days from about MB up to 1. Anyone know what my problem is? This site hosts no abandonware.

You should maybe submit the fix to Softpedia, Major Geeks, BetaNews and other such sites so it is easy aaureal find during google searches and the like. Here are what I found.


The 2shared link has somehow turned into virus clickbait, and I’ve gotten many, many requests over the past few months to repost. I like its compact size and shape compare to MX, too sad thare was no Montego II for sale in my country. I suppose the 5.

Best regards from Hungary! Thank you so much for this! Yeah, right, that really arouses me, thanks. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. I’m really curious as to how you knew what to change to make it work with Vista and now Windows 7 It’s totally great, whether I have Equalizer control or not. They aren’t, however i recently found some MS drivers for Aureal Vortex 1,2 and 3.

Ah – I forgot: I’ve removed the MegaUpload mirror link. And I’ve been loving without sound ever since, at least on the Vista side.