Valencia Vater Venom Vic Firth. No product this small comes packed with as many features as the AudioFire2. Universal Audio Use Audio. Questions For Similar Products. Write a user review Ask for a user review.

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It could be a very good card if it was not risky these compatibility issues. On the other hand, sound cards and firewire pci Echo are supported under Linux in general and Ubuntu in particular so on. And pci rule concern on a tower. Those of my Presonus Audiobox are not preventable and it is one of the things that annoys me often console output, etc I did not put the software update.

Echo AUDIOFIRE-2 2In/2Out Firewire Audio Interface

By using this website you agree to our cookie policy. I recently so I can not say for the frequency of update. The config of the PC is a Quad Core 3. And this time it does not work the first shot either at home, it is necessary to update the drivers Latency is samples, regardless of a mix of more than 20 tracks.


Cons Perhaps more style than substance. Apogee Element Control Remote. Switching between headphones and monitor is tedious.

Bidibulo’s review – Echo Audiofire 2 – Audiofanzine

The case does not heat as is, nothing dangerous. Failed to operate the monitoring of Traktor to send a single track on the headphones Hands on Despite its small size, the AudioFire2 offers all the basic connectivity you might require.

This is not a card recommend to fans of electro and hip hop that will require more impactful bass, although it must be corrected with an equalizer.

I confess to not having read the manual. Talk to a Sales Advisor.

Echo AudioFire 2

All to make recordings and mixing in Tracktion, but for everyday use music, DVDs Connect with us on our Social Networks:. Write a user review Ask for a user review. This is annoying if you regularly switch between headphone and monitor outs, though the capability to have two separate stereo outputs makes the AudioFire2 perfect for mobile DJs. The interface comes bundled with a copy of Tracktion 1, which isn’t bad, but is a little outdated version 3 of the audifoire has not long been released. In contrast to the pop, acoustic, classical, or for stereo miking concerts, choirs, etc.


On both systems you need to have a mega bytes per second fire wire port. KuSh Audio Kustom kyser. Kahler Kala Kambala Kaotica Keeley.

Just a little bigger than an iPod, its compact design and attractive styling make it one of the most aesthetically pleasing bits of hardware ever to land on our test bench. Questions For Similar Products. Bidibulo ‘s user review 3 Like Tweet Submit Email.

All products by Echo Audio. Universal Audio Use Audio. Orange Origin Effects Ormsby Ortofon.

This allows a lot of routing in case of need. Even if it works on your PC, audiogire is much to be disgusted by the day or you’ll make a recording or a mix of evening and the card does not work on the computer now