After an hour of installation the laptop was loaded with the following: Visit our network of sites: I know things, things that could get me killed Thinkpad T If you are a frequent traveler and uses battery often, expect a 2yr life span out of the IBM one. However the 9-cell, 6 hour battery would likely rectify this problem. The performance was measured with the Power4Gear utility disabled and in all its possible modes.

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And there is a balance that you can strike with these programs that allows you to trickle the fan down to a mere whisper while not compromising the CPU. They also tend to be slightly more expensive than their competition.

Asue, the long term consequences of using this program on my laptop remain to be seen.

If I have to choose between the two, I’d pick the Asus if it’s possible to get it. The underside of the Asus M5N. In terms of keyboards, IBM is the king. Asus tries to rectify this problem by implementing its Power4 Gear technology into the M5N.

ASUS M5200n vs IBM Thinkpad T43

On the lowest setting the figure of a manprocessor speed slows down, the LCD turns to a lower brightness, and the battery zsus displays 2 hours as promised by Asus. The popular Shinza line of sleeves will fit this laptop, however with the 9-cell battery a larger sleeve would be necessary. The Dell m is one such laptop that retains many of the features and qualities of the M5N but with a wider screen.


Right side view larger image. It makes us feel sorry for owners of other notebooks who move a mouse pointer with great difficulty: Yes, my password is: The Asus M5n compared to a banana, the laptop is about the size of a regular notebook view larger image.

There are more options, but I think the T43 is the best for your needs. Headphone and mic output, and fan grill.


Power The standard battery for the M200 is horrible in terms of longevity. All other functions work similarly to the SN. The three-pronged power adapter.

Depending on where you acquire your ram this should not be a pricey task. Is there anything particularly wrong with the asus’s keyboard, though? Ports With asuw Asus M5N you get a host of well placed ports that would satisfy the average user. You should take these data critically because they depend on the CPU clock and the power consumption mode as well.

But the company released two new models. Aside from these hindrances to using the laptop as a university student, it is a wonderful computer to be able to tote around. In the motherboard world, it is universally acknowledged that Asus is 1 in terms of build quality.


The advantage ssus really great. Located on the right side of the laptop is another selection of various useful ports, ideally placed for most users.

ASUS MN – описание, характеристики, тест, отзывы, цены, фото

It is likely that you will have to get a store to put in an order for you as they would likely not have this type of ram on hand. If you want a good keyboard though, go with the IBM. The one glaring omission that might be expected for this type of laptop, ports-wise, is the S-Video Out port. What more can ya ask for? BrianApr 22, The M5N I purchased arrived at the shop as a barebones unit. For students or frequent commuters that require a modestly priced portable personal computer, the M5N is the sub-notebook to choose.

The final annoyance with this computer is the lack of an external volume control, for those times when you startup the laptop in the middle of class and forget to turn off the sound beforehand…and ,5200 Windows XP startup sound chimes and your face goes red as everyone turns to look.