Had to delete the app and start all over again. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information. Unless you manually input the said SSID, then it will detect it. All 4 nodes must have a good wifi connection with each other before you can link them up via the app, and that the app will show you the connection backhaul. How does it look?

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You also just need to set up once for the credentials and all will be synced together, you have no option to set separate SSIDs and password for every node anyway.

Is it easy to setup? But given that most modern devices support Forum members aakey moderators are responsible for their own posts. Finally got to the same point and it crashed again!!!

Simple with easy step by step setup in the app. Finally logged out and went in again, then ok. Askey, please fix this horrendous app!!


Could not start up no matter what.

What you want is for both the 2. Askey WiFi Mesh Pro. As i got 4, i actually reset all 4 of them and sync them one by one using the WPS to the main node.

Askey WiFi Mesh

This is particularly useful in solving the problems of Wi-Fi dead spots in homes. Mesh networking systems are askeh short on networking features, what does this have?

By Kenny Yeo – 3 Dec Thank you for your patient. You can reach out to them here. Ideal should be the same credentials You can create schedules to restrict Internet access to specific devices but these are in fixed two-hour blocks.


LAN Connect the router to mesh 2 in the masterbed room Lan connect the router to mesh 2 in the masterbed room using samsung mesh. The parental controls setting is basic and has some serious limitations.

LifeUp – Smart Living. It just showed me the same thing after I joined the new network. Like most mesh networking systems, the Askey APW is a breeze to set up. Page 1 of 2.


Our engineering team was aware and working to resolve this issue. The AirTies manages Mbps.

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My email that was verified before this was said as aifi. LAN Connect the router to mesh 1 in the living room. Taipei Main Station Navigator. Then the same email verifying problem started all over again!!!

Askey APW mesh Wi-Fi system review: Worth the monthly S$10 fee? –

Instant email verification that brings you to the next step fixed. The issue has been solved, asoey try again and let us know if you have any more issue. I am totally frustrated with you Askey.!! App is minimalistic by design and has some useful information and features, however it would be even better if there are advanced settings where we can play with.