This register is only available in Root Port mode. Uncorrectable Error Severity Register. Data credit limit for the received FC completions. The software application also measures and displays the performance achieved for the transfers. A non-aligned read request may experience a further throughput reduction.

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PCI Express High Performance Reference Design

Each credit is 16 bytes. The following figure highlights this component. Virtual Channel Capability Structure Reserved. Only writable configuration wltera are overwritten by this operation. Scan the current PCI Express board settings.

Refer to Reset and Clocks for more information about the reset sequence and a block diagram of the reset logic. Records the following 5 secondary command status errors: These signals are not available if Configuration Space Bypass mode is enabled. PCIe IP core type.

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Multi-function support for up to eight Endpoint functions. Because the error was corrected by the IP core, no Application Layer intervention is required. To maximize resources, do not specify a the maximum payload size that is greater than the system maximum payload size.


Each credit is 20 bytes.

Scan the Endpoint Configuration Space Registers. The outstanding requests are limited by the number of header tags and the maximum read request size. The alignment of the request TLP depends on bit 2 of the request address.

Altera’s FPGA PCIe chaining DMA example IP core

Altera recommends Native Endpoint for all new Endpoint designs. Based on the attributes set in the Parameter Editor, the software application creates the necessary descriptor tables in the system memory. Changed the directory name in the “Software Installation” section.

Example designs to get started. Supports up to 8 functions. Resets all of the dynamic reconfiguration registers to their default values as described in Hard IP Reconfiguration Registers. The counter starts when the software writes a descriptor header table to the DMA registers.

The SignalTap II file includes the key signals from the application logic. For all other functions this field is reserved and must be hardwired to 0xb. This signal forces the TX output to electrical idle.


The off position points towards the PCIe slot. For a expeess capable Endpoint as indicated by the Hot Plug Capable field of the Slot Capabilities registerthis parameter must be turned On. Alera Next to display the Summary page.

Arria V Avalon-ST Interface for PCIe Solutions User Guide

The information in the Throughput Optimization chapter is not specific to a particular device. These signals are the serial outputs of lanes 7—0. Port VC1 arbitration table Reserved. For the Type 0 and Type 1 Configuration Space Headers, the zltera line of each entry lists Type 0 values and the second epxress lists Type 1 values when the values differ.

The following example illustrates this point. Changed the directory name in the “Running the Software Application” section. The Endpoint stores parameters in the Type 0 Configuration Space.