Now, the basic configuration for Hotspot environment has been finished! Then click Submit to complete the upload process. Net This section is to show independent Hotspot owners how to configure related settings in order to accept credit card payments via Authorize. Billing Configuration for Payment Page These 10 plans are the plans in Billing Configuration, and desired plan can be enabled. Click OK to complete the process or click Cancel to revise the data or cancel this transaction.

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Click Help to the Online Help window and then click the hyperlink of the items to get the information. Click the hyperlink for further configuration. Click the numbers of Filter Rule Item to edit individual rules and click Apply to save the settings.

Additional Configuration Internet Connection Detection: There are two simple ways to configure the system: Click the Browse button to select the text file for the user account upload. After the network address is obtained at the user end, open an Internet browser and link to any website.

AirLive WIAS-1200G User Manual

Page 43 This function can extend the range of accessing the network. Enter a SSID up to 32 characters for system. You can click Preview to see the result first. When the browser of a user attempts to connect to a website, the AirLive WIASG will force the browser to redirect to the user login webpage.


Choose Template Page to make a customized login success page for On-Demand here. The manager can only access the configuration pages under User Authentication to manage the user accounts, but has no permission to change the settings of the profiles for Firewall, Specific Route and Schedule.

Privilege List IP addresses of these workstations in this list. Page 25 An authentication method has to be selected from one of the five options appeared in this window Local User is selected for this example. By sending ICMP echo request to a specified host and wait for the response to test the network status.

Choose Template Page to make airljve customized login success page here. If all the steps are done properly, AirLive WIASG can be further connected to the managed network to experience the controlled network access environment.

Page 53 Radius Client Configuration list airllve further configuration. Click Apply to activate this new password.

SSL encrypted web interface. Choose to enable or disable this function.

AirLive – WIASG

Radius Client Configuration list for further configuration. It has to work with a repeater.


It ailive step by step procedures and graphic examples to guide MIS staff or individuals with slight network system knowledge to complete the installation. By default, the On-demand user database is empty. If the administrator wants the system to automatically send out the history to a particular email address, please enter the related information in these fields.

After applying the setting, the new login success page for On-Demand can be previewed by clicking Preview button at the bottom of this page.

2 configuration wizard, Configuration wizard – AirLive WIAS-1200G User Manual

Click this to get a complete report including all the on-demand records. Please refer to 3. If you are looking for a merchant account or Internet payment gateway to process transactions, you can fill out the Inquiry Form on http: Please refer to section 1. The default is airlive. Net, making the Hotspot an e-commerce environment for end users to pay for and obtain Sirlive detailed information about configuration, please see 4.