I don’t remember if windows it depends also of the version of course natively recognises the Promise RAID controller or not. Could it be this drive is formatted as a dynamic drive and not a basic drive. I’m not sure if I’m lacking yet another needed harddrive to accomplish this, or if I just plugged things into wrong slots. Originally Posted by Tumbleweed Originally Posted by Tang69 My God!

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asus a8v secondary promise RAID controller in IDE mode? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Thank you so much for your time! Another prerequisite will be identical sizes of HDD’s so if the drives are recognised under ‘View Drive Assignments’ but you cannot build the Array s as wished then this will very likely be the reason.

Practically this means that a HDD which is not recognised on BIOS level will definitely not be recognised by windows whereas the opposite may be true e. Computer powers off in sleep mode Originally Posted by BlueDragon Hi heartsy, As I have been spending a couple of nights trying to make this bloody A8V Deluxe board to work with 4 HDD’s the way I wanted it and due to the fact that I finally could succeed thanks to a post in this forum https: Basically my main questions now are The time now is I have been studying a little the BAD!!


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asus a8v secondary promise RAID controller in IDE mode?

Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. If so, you have to reformat it to get it to work properly.

If the bios sees the drive but windows does not, that normally indicates the drive has not been partitioned and formatted. When powering up, and the bios detects first the boot drive and then the data drive it calls them VIA’s. I hope I included enough information to answer my questions, but if not, please let me know of any other info that would be helpful in addressing my current problems.

ANY Help would be greatly appreciated. One drive I boot from, the other is just for data. Of course you would need to setup the OS and the data according to the needs e. Originally Posted by Tumbleweed36 If the bios sees the drive but windows does not, that normally indicates the drive has not been partitioned and formatted.

I did notice something faid now makes me wonder if i have the right driver installed tho.

On page Xi they state in the Storage section: I JUST got this thing purring smoothly – with your help: You know- the newer boards have SATA2 sockets to spare. I am three steps away from finding the inspiration in pursuing a fine spiraling career in alcoholism!


Promise Fastrack 378 SATA controller, Asus A8V Deluxe and Windows 7

Did you disable the Promise controller and try it like I suggested earlier????? And last but not least one very important “detail” which troubled me quite a lot: I have seen the light! Anyway I hope this will help you somewhat.

Here is a free trial program that might assist you: Of course if you do not want to boot from the array then you may install the drivers later if needed.

Asus User Guide and I come to the conclusion that some information must be wrong Here is what I assume but it’s merely an assumption because I did NOT try it out and thus it’s mainly based on theoretical level, knowing that in IT matters there is only one truth: Please report if possible how it worked for you Better don’t use Auto Setup!

All works well now- and I am stuffing the drive full of odds and ends and such. So basically the 4 HDD’s should be connected to the Fasttrak controller!