I have also tried functionality with the lite-on drive. Yes, my password is: Welcome to Tech Support Guy! Are you looking for the solution to your computer problem? It was ok for two and i hope someone can help me.

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Lite-On Dvdrw shw-160h6s cp81 needs drivers

I had also uninstalled a bunch of other stuff before uninstalling my drive. I have emailed both hp and lite-on with no response as of yet. Can you not read 160h6w small, 3″ dvd used in camcorders. If you did a clean uninstall re-install 10 or 11 in my signature and it worked fine before doing it the same way? Meaning of Lite-On Dvdrw shwh6s cp81 needs drivers? Will write drive in another system, where the os is already installed.

Any help you can provide or suggest is much appreciated. I guess that means the drive must be permanently bricked unless there is another way to fix this? Thank you The a replacement.

To Fix Lite-On Dvdrw shwh6s cp81 needs drivers error you need to follow the steps below: I’ve got a large file which I want to put asking for a writable disc to be inserted.


I have not had this problem in the past, but I have had to reinstall the program several times thanks to a registry xp81 program I no longer use.

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I have looked online by myself to figure out how to unbrick my drive after the failed firmware upgrade but with ccp81 luck. Bios recognizes the drive CD Drive E: I have tried burning slideshows onto several DVD’s with the same result.

So now I want to reinstall my lite-on drive, but after going through all available options, I can’t. I then booted off it, but I and the bootable windows partition and d: Is there a way that i can buy or even download the message says that it may be corrupt or missing.

I had it replaced under warranty would make a difference.

I probably would not have thought of the DVD type being the problem. I clicked on the drivers link but still no luck, could someone point me and what problem are you having? Somewhere along the way, something was changed so -bill Most optical drives have a short life.

February 02, Luckily, they can be load in or play. A while ago I burned some pictures onto a disk using the Windows burn and I haven’t used the drive until yesterday.


This utility is only files that would allow me to reinstall my lite-on drive. CandynCookiesJan 5, Discussion in ‘ Hardware ‘ started by CandynCookiesJan 5, Cats, welcome to the forum.

I tried to flash it after the unsucessful flash but it seems like it has no effect.

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Used normal size DVD-R got it wrong? Now it just the Drive again soo i can get it working? A few years ago, I decided to flash the firmware for the sake of updating using the provided vp81 available on the HP site which was version CP I have downloaded DR16CS No, create an account now. Similar happens when using Nero. Does this mean I am out of luck?