Measure once, cut once, screw it up, hide the evidence. Yes, we humans love choices. Jonny Rocket Member Posts: Its a toss up because the m12 is awesome and light. Is it more of a “everything goes a bit quicker with 18V, and the really heavy stuff becomes annoying with 12? When your words mean nothing, I go la la la.

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For almost everything else, I go with a plug in. Do I Need Both? Page 1 of 1.

You can likely work through lunch by the time your drill runs out of juice. The black and white.

I will just jump right ahead and share the … more. I got it for its small size and it works well but the 18v lxt brushless drive Ive also got is a whole different level.

Volt vs Volt Tools: Do I Need Both? | Pro Tool Reviews

I have a couple of ipmact. You will … more. The kit that I bought didn’t have the driver but it came with a few other pieces. I got it for its small size and it works well but the 18v lxt brushless drive Ive also got is a whole different level Posted 1 year ago.

Q – Does it have a brushless motor? You should also prepare yourself for some extreme torque because the Bosch Hybrid beats out Milwaukee high end impact driver hands down, plus you get the adjustable speed settings that we are all getting a bit spoiled by and the torque settings. The only reason I would not consider an 18V would be the weight of the tool-marked difference between my 18V and the 12V Bosch. I’m not bothered by the difference in weight.


Anyway, wouldn’t expect A – That will be a NO! ByMonkey Mark – Sun Apr 05, Please feel free to submit static images, dynamic images, videos, memes The case is pretty big mind.

The 18v Lithium packs in my no longer available Axy drill have a habit of turning up their toes in a matter of a few uses, don’t know if that is cell current failure or electronics though. The saw cuts like butter.

10.8v or 18v impact driver and drill?

Dick Mark Find Reply. I’d agree for hand tools, but not for power tools. Bypaulm – Sun Apr 05, 6: It is 18g inch shorter than the Milwaukee 12v being able to fit in even tighter spots with excellent balance.

These things fucking RIP! You’re struggling to find an answer because there isn’t one. The Hitachi has around in-lbs of torque, the Milwaukee around Waiting to grow up beyond being just a member http: You will also be very happy to discover that this model was born in Japan and you know how products from Japan unlike China that impac low quality steel perform–exceptional with strictest of tolerances and high quality metals.


I appreciate the technicality about volts by the way, I was meaning “grunt” more than anything else. If you’re doing day to day home maintenance stuff, chances are the 12v tools will do just fine.

One more thing I need to mention before we take off into the question and answers is that when you combine a brushless motor with a lithium ion battery impach are giving yourself no excuse to not finish any job that doesn’t involve more than a days work, so get ready to keep a deadbolt on your 10g because co-workers will be checking out your newest eye candy throwing bros before tools out the window.

Cutting, bending, sizing and placing are also part of the equation. Its a decent bit of kit.